Percy Refused Hotel Room - Cue Howls of Indignation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bruno207, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Soldier is refused room at hotel

    Corporal Tomos Stringer was out of uniform when tried to book a room.
    A soldier home on leave after being injured in Afghanistan was refused a room by a hotel when he showed his military ID card at reception.

    Corporal Tomos Stringer, 23, from Gwynedd, was visiting a wounded colleague in Surrey when he was turned away from the Metro Hotel in Woking.

    He spent the night in his car after being told it was management policy not to accept military personnel.

    The hotel has declined to comment on the matter.

    Cpl Stringer, of 13 Air Assault Support Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps, has since returned to Afghanistan but his mother, Gaynor Stringer, said he remains angry at the incident.

    She said her son broke his wrist after jumping out of his wagon in Afghanistan. He was treated at a field hospital but was brought back to have it re-set and was on four weeks recovery leave when he decided to visit his friend in June.


    More from Today programme

    Mrs Stringer, who lives at Pentrefelin, near Criccieth, said: "I can't believe this has happened to one of our soldiers in his own country. He just didn't know how to react.

    "We've been to America and their military get treated like heroes over there.

    "I think it's terrible they [UK service personnel] can't even wear their uniform with pride."

    Defence Minister Derek Twigg said: "This case is especially egregious given that the individual concerned was on injury leave from Afghanistan and visiting an injured colleague.

    Hotel refuses to host soldier
    "The government and, it is fair to say, the vast majority of people in this country, hold the professionalism, courage and contribution made by all those who serve, and have served in the armed forces in very high regard.

    "I am delighted that the armed forces generally enjoy immense respect and gratitude on the part of the nation and that contrary sentiments are rare, though evidently they exist."

    Caernarfon MP Hywel Williams said he intended to take the matter further when he had a reply to his letter to the hotel.

    He said: "I was astonished when I heard the story from Mrs Stringer. I can't see why any hotel would want to refuse accommodation to a serving member of the armed forces anyway.

    "Tomos was not in his uniform, he was a traveller like anyone else."

    The Metro Hotel is owned by a company called American Amusements Ltd, also based in Woking. No-one was available to comment.
  2. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Anyone wanting to send 'em a friendly email

    Click here

    But I doubt that you will get a reply.

  3. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    email sent - dont expect a reply but you never know
  4. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    have sent the morons a raspberry,what were they thinking of?
  5. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    This looks more like an agency than the hotel chain itself.
  6. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    You can of course start as I have with the head office in Good Old USA have just sent them e-mail asking why a Brit serviceman was refused service and is this policy in the US to refuse service to Servicemen of the US Armed Forces:


    Just thought they may like to know what their UK Subsidiary was up to and ask for an explanation.

  7. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Likewise, I have just mailed them in the States and read their horoscope. I propose a global boycott of this chain's hotels by all serving and ex-serving military personnel. Hit them where it hurts, it's the only way they'll listen.
    h :rambo:
  8. Soldier is refused room at hotel

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Either the individual at the hotel applied his own small-minded prejudices to the situation or this hotel and its management deserve nothing less than to be bull-dozed to the ground, preferably with the aforementioned spineless excuse for a human being inside.
  9. Re: Soldier is refused room at hotel

    Roger. Did briefly scan for it. Must've missed it!
  10. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    If they maintain the attitude I think the American press would like to know how a local company treat their allies by refusal of service.

    The US is of course a service driven Country


    Do we have a link to the actual press story anyone?
  11. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    The Head Office in USA has been sent a mail from me deploring the policy of their UK hotels. Ameramuse eh? Bloody shower!
  12. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Before it goes oddly shaped, check out Arrse thread on this same subject - rather amusing in places ... :lol:
  13. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    have also dumped on the yank company,i travel, i choose.
  14. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Found the link to this story

    Today Story

  15. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!


    As a person who never goes to ARRSE, as I fail to understand soldiers, their humour, all the intials they use or the rather to the right of Ghengis Khan attitude to life.

    I did pop over but failed to locate said thread give us a clue.

  16. Re: Soldier is refused room at hotel

    I read this story on the BBC news site and am still livid. There needs to be a boycott of the whole company not just this one hotel. That will make them sit up and listen. BZ to the squaddie though, if it had been me I woudl probably have been the guest of the local constabulary after I beat 7 bells out of the manager.
  17. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Perhaps we should find out what other businesses are owned by the hotel's owners, American Amusements Ltd. You service types and oppos can then tear a leaf out of the largely sucessful approach taken by the US Christian Right and, rather paradoxically, the gay community, and invite service personnel and their people, oppos and concerned supporters to boycott all associated businesses. After all what hurts bigotted businesses most is the financial clout of the disgruntled customer.
  18. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    I would be carful regarding the email address as American Amusements Ltd is a uk based company.
  19. Re: I won't be using this Hotel then !!!

    Should make it illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of their jon, in the same way that it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their, colour, religeon, sexual orientation etc

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