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Percy pongo makes the news


War Hero
Worthy of note that £66M of MOD funding has gone to lawyers investigating the Bloody Sunday incident, yet the TA get no cash subsidy to help them reach & maintain combat fitness through reduced cost gym membership.

It is more of an indictment of God-awful management at Ministerial & Senior Civil Service levels than a criticism of the TA, who should be as interchangeable with regulars as our own RMR are supposed to be with the regular RM.


War Hero
The TA are also reported to be in line for a £5m budget cut, just to help improve their training/fitness/recruiting


Ninja_Stoker said:
It is more of an indictment of god-awful management at Ministerial & Senior Civil Service levels than a criticism of the TA, who should be as interchangeable with regulars as our own RMR are supposed to be with the regular RM.

Too true, but it doesn't cost much to put on a pair of trainers and go for a run. TA members should be aware that they need to maintain at least a basic level of fitness while they are in the TA. Just shows most of them can't be arsed if you ask me.


War Hero
Granted, it would be manslaughter for a Commanding Officer to knowingly send someone who has failed their Basic Fitness Test, let alone their Combat Fitness Test into a theatre of active operations, should they be killed.

If they don't pass their annual fitness test, surely they are not paid & therefore not employed?


As far as I know, anyone in the RMR who fails an annual BFT gets no bounty and a set time to remedy the situation. Anyone in that catagory definately would not be deployed on ops as well as being branded a biff of the highest order! Surely this should apply to the TA? :pukel:
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