Peppa Pig in Seatbelt Safety Row

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. I cant believe people sit and watch cartoons and the look for things to complain about. kids are not going to wear sea belts because a pig doesn't?

    Mum "put your seat belt on"
    Child "no the talking pig told me not to"
    Mum "im going to write a letter"
  2. Indeed the conversation should have followed these lines:

    Mum ''put your seat belt on''
    Child ''no, the talking pig told me not to''
    Mum ''SLAP! The talking pig is not real, put your fucking seat belt on or I'll let 'uncle' Frank babysit for you again.
  3. Perhaps the little bas ...... sorry, I mean cherub, threatened to call Childline if Mum exerted her parental rights ?

  4. She's not real? Nooooooo!!
  5. In Catalunya, in the country areas it is not at all unusual to see a pig, in the front seat of a Citroen van, unbelted; the missus likewise in the back seat, and the driver, one hand on the wheel, and a cigar hanging out of his mouth.
    I don't understand the problem.
  6. The makers of the series have made a new version which is pig friendly.

    Peppa Pig asked all the children not to eat bacon and sausage and pork pies because that was his mummy and daddy they are eating, and if they carry on eating bacon and sausage and pork pies they will all end up looking like the little fat cnut who lives down the road.
  7. AL1 Peppa Pig doesn't want the little sh1ts to eat bacon, pork pies etc because he is in fact a Muslim pig and is secretly trying to convert the viewers.
  8. But it reversed its stance after a parent complained that her daughter had refused to wear a seatbelt because Peppa did not

    Proof of the theory that some people believe everything they see on the box, cos its reel innit?
  9. Now you see, I can black cat that! Here in Andalucia, he is also on his mobile phone! :lol: And where is his dog?

    And - whoever called the little sluggish van thing they use the 'Renault EXPRESS'!!!! An oxymoron only exceeded by the phrase 'Army Intelligence' :D
  10. I bet his other arm was round the pig. 8O
  11. Try riding shot gun on 20 month old babby, my G/daughter loves the feckin Pig cartoon, but at least she wears her seat harness in my motor.
  12. Yes, probably after the couple of coffees with brandy in he had would have drunk to prepare himself for the day.
  13. The dog? On his lap of course :lol:
  14. Give em the phone tell em the number 0800 1111 and remind them that they will be taken away and be made to live with a Roman Catholic priest 8O they soon back down. Works with grandkids too :twisted:
  15. It is a raql pity that people(stupid cnunts)have not got better things to do :)
  16. Sussex, veering off thread a bit, but do you also get them on mopeds, the entire family, with the dog on the space at the rider's feet. And no helmet on any of them!
  17. We used to many moons ago, but since we got a new police force, and with Catalunyas famous independence of spirit, that has all but gone.
    You do still see the die hard, the one with the dog between his legs, shopping on either handlebar, chewing wild thyme and no helmet, but it is extremely rare. You do occasionally see the 'pudding basin' helmet, straps flapping in the wind, but that again is rare.
    The Mossos d'esquadra, the state police (you rarely see the Guardia) police the roads with an efficiency that would have most people in the UK spinning in circles.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Does George's dinosaur have to buckle up?
  19. Well this fcuker's setting an AWFUL example


    He should be banned forthwith

    I bet he's a racist too ....

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