People you would love to decapitate with a shovel.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. In similar vein to the women who need a good seeing to thread, lets have a people who need a good fcuking kicking thread.

    To get the ball rolling, I would love to gouge out this cnuts eyes with a pair of long nosed pliers then fcuk the empty eye sockets as I dripped acid onto her body.

    Janet Street Cnuting Porter:
  2. Kerry Katona:


    I want to slice her tits off and cram them up her honking gash. The filthy, coke addled, Iceland shopping scouse cunt.

    I hope she dies slowly like Goody.
  3. This farking twat is top of my list...

  4. Jordan aka Katie Price - What i would do to let a savage dog shred her to bits before pissing on her is beyond words.

    But my most hated is Ashley Cole - I would happily do time inside to make sure the f*cking little scrote is never seen again. Absolute tosser!
  5. It's crazy to think there was a time I would've crawled over broken glass to have a go on her tits.

    Now I just want to stove her head in with a pick helve.

  6. that fcuking trisha bint she thinks shes been there seen it done it.
    il tie her up and make her watch me cutting her fcuking toes of one by one then smashing up her perfect little middle-upper class home in the country, then feed her loads of cakes so she gets fat again before smashing her face right up.
  7. Good call.

    I fcuking hate the cnut.
  8. I aint gotta scooby how to put pics up, but I nominate that crunt from the BT ad's. Kris Marshall or something, I fcuking can't stand his posh, southern wnky voice.

    Oh, and the rest of the cnuts in the advert as well. Especially the fcuking mong kids. Cocks R us.
  9. Next on my list is this bitch. She would get hers whilst my dogs ripped her husbands balls off.

  10. Those lying, treasonous bastards Bliar, Cyclops, Campbell and
    I'll even pay for the shovel.................
    Roofs :p
  11. To complete the hatrick, I have saved the best (worst) until last.

    Shami Chakrabati

  12. Fat bastard who 'thinks' he is funny.
  13. Fair one. Goblin faced southern cnut.

  14. Nick Griffin the to$$er! Although it would have to be done nice and slowly! Tony Blair would be at the top of my list too! But most of all, how I love love to mess with Madonna's mind. Can you imagine force feeding her truck loads of food and not letting her do any exercise? I'm pretty sure that's all you would need to do to break her forever!
  15. gok wan(ker) the fucking cock munching ass bandit
  16. Cheers wingers. What a cnut.
  17. Gyles Brandreth
    Lionel Blair
    Rafael Benitez (In fact the whole ffing team)
  18. Churchill dog faced brummy cnut, I would love to stamp on his oversized mong head repeatedly whilst wearing my steaming bats.

  19. Easy 2DD. He aint a Brummy. He's a black country tool. But agreed, fcuking chenobyl headed retard.
  20. Black Country, Brummie whatever, they all speak like fcuking mong children chewing on iron filings.

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