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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. I was just on the phone to my afco, and the CPO said since i applied about 6 months ago and did my RT straight away im expected to be in end of 2014, BUT he said, theres a high chance of that coming down as there waiting for a new draft of intake times or something.

    This is for Warfare specialist, just left like i should say to give others who don't ring there afco for question something to base how long they mite wait. also mite give a indication for other branch.

    still, waiting a year and a bit is too long!
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The problem is that every branch differs and each individual has different circumstances (some are delayed at Medical, some fail their PJFT, etc., ). The only definitive advice with regard individual waiting times can be given by your own careers adviser.

    It's appreciated it's hugely frustrating but rather than turn people away, we process individuals for entry and advise what the expected wait is to join, depending on branch and circumstances. Some branches have very few courses running each year as there is a small requirement (Divers, Comms Techs, Aircraft Handlers etc)- other branches like Royal Marines have an entry of 50+ every other week and have a correspondingly shorter wait to join.

    Ultimately, the longer the wait, the higher the number of people who decide not to join when they're offered a job. Often this is because they've found employment elsewhere or their circumstances have changed.

    For RN Branches, at present, around 40% of those offered a provisional entry date, turn it down so waiting times are reducing as the surplus of applicants is diminishing.

    There's no easy answer unfortunately, we cannot employ more people than we require and have to balance input with outflow, planning about 12 months ahead and adjust numbers required monthly.

    The RN certainly isn't anywhere near as big as it used to be and there are more students on the campus of Manchester Metropolitan University alone than in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Navy Reserves and Royal Marines Reserves combined.
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  3. so the reduction in the waiting times is because people who have waited changed their minds? makes sense after waiting that long to find or be in a different situation. Still a shame its long, if we had a fleet the size of america it would fix everything =D
  4. It's not too long if it's your dream and the only thing you want to do.

    I've been waiting since 2010 with my start date in November and that still feels like a long time. Still, I have another PJFT, PRNC and even the RT to do again before I start, so that will keep me on my toes.
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  5. From what my AFCO tells me, a lot of these people who 'change their minds' don't bother to tell their own AFCO so they can be taken off the waiting list...... which would in effect speed things up
  6. I'm surprised that so many people turn down their entry date after the work that they've put in to get this far, as dyst0piate has pointed out, if it's what you really want, you might have to wait a while! Also you mentioned requirements for different branches, is there much requirement for Medical Assistants (GS) to start training this year? Just from looking at the thread for HMS Raleigh dates I haven't seen anyone joining this year or early 2014 in this role.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When you look at how many Medical Assistants there are on each warship, you'll appreciate, there very few in relation to other branches, hence the infrequency of intakes. Similarly, nowadays the CIS is becoming a smaller branch as the method of sending and receiving signal traffic becomes paperless, sent and received directly by the originators and recipients, without the need for manual input from a handwritten transcript, receipt and distribution.
  8. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Wow, there's a fact for you!

    Really makes the Navy sound quite small!
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  9. It is small.. Has been for years.
  10. We are massively overbourne with JR MA's so much so that if you've done more than 4 years they are sticking you in LMA jobs whether your qualified or not. We have a massive lack of lma's & SR's that are fit for and want to go to sea :(

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  11. Seems as though I am going to have a rather long wait on my hands if I go in as an MA :(
  12. Thanks for the reply, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for an MA intake soon with a place for me!
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  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, that's the problem associated with the only branch that can self-diagnose saltwater activated sciatica. =D
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  14. I'm guessing this is another of the main reasons for the waiting time for MA. I didn't realise you could choose whether or not to go to sea to be honest! :shock:
  15. By want to go to sea I agree with the comment above. Never had this attitude to a career I chose and enjoy but a lot of colleagues suffer from this.

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  16. Didn't realise this either... Just assumed that being in the navy meant you went to sea.

    Not that it matters to me, part of the reason I am signing up is to go to sea!
  17. You don't choose whether you go to sea or not, a few sickbay rangers have saltwater activated injuries so they can get downgraded and not go to sea thereby shitting on their oppo who has to do their seatime for them..not that I've been shafted by a sickbay rangers in the past, nor am I bitter and twisted about them, and don't even mention the welfare warriors!!
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  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    What happens in reality is that priorities change as personal circumstances change.

    Many people join as single, carefree individuals, just out of education, who want to travel, go to sea and spend their time enjoying themselves. As they grow older, they invariably find partners, maybe have children etc., and become less inclined to want to be separated from their family unit.

    It's a natural thing and one that is entirely understandable...but someone has to go to sea. You either take your turn, like everybody else, or someone else ends-up going in your place which causes a huge amount of animosity amongst your peer group if they suspect someone's "pulling a sickie".
  19. I've just been on the phone to my AFCO and he said, that looking at waiting times etc it could be November 2014 / Jan 2015 which means I will have been waiting 24/26 months, long wait but hopefully worth it :)
  20. That's about the same time frame I was given when I initially applied. What trade have you applied for Lauren?

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