People on this site should be helping out new recruits more!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Spaceman99, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Subject says it all!You've a responsibility.These are young people looking for advice...not abuse!
  2. I'll tie the noose, if you buy the rope mate.
  3. Do I???

    Why do I???
  4. Firstly, people on this site do help out potential recruits. Secondly, it's not the job of most of those on here to do so, and of those whose job it is, they are not doing this in work-time, and are under no obligation to help. To sum up then, it is not our duty to answer any questions whatsoever, those questions that receive helpful answers do so purely down to the goodwill of those here who care.
  5. I don't think they get abuse, Spaceman.

    If you look through some of the threads, you can see that many of the young candidates pop in and out of Rum Ration; logic suggests to me that they wouldn't do this if they were being abused.

    One other thing which I would point out to you is that a lot of assistance is given via the Private Message system. This is interaction with the young candidates which you can't possibly see, but I promise you that it exists.
  6. I'm a young person and a recruit and I have to say I love the abuse.

    All the advice that you could want is available either from the AFCO, the RN wesbite (admittedly that's down at the moment) and this site if you bother to look for it. Try the search button or just trawl through the Newbies forum like the rest of us. Come back and contribute to the forum when you've grown up a bit, you never know you might even like it! 8O
  7. Personally I think your Naval education was accelerated tonight beyond all expectation, it is after all Friday night.
    You learnt Naval sarcasm, Lower deck whit, and even amongst the shit slinging you were taught that abusing a "lady" is not on, until they are abusive.
    You were also told that the AFCO was your way forward. You also were shown how the ranks closed against you when you attacked the very institute you claim to wish to join.
    Our reward for your education was a good nights entertainment and hopefully if you are a true blue fuckwit, put you off joining.
    If you learn to roll with it and keep your temper, you learn a very valuable lesson about your future employment. :wink:
  8. Well said K640 and Rumrat, sage-like words that you would do well to pay heed to. :clap: What you are perceiving to be abuse is something you need to learn to deal with a little better if you are planning on joining the RN or you are in for a very rude awakening if / when you join. As has been stated previously there is a wealth of knowledge on this site if you can be arsed to look for it and most people are happy to answer your questions. It is unfortunate that the defence cuts have created such abysmally long waiting times and I do genuinely feel for those of you who are waiting to join this fine institution. I can only say that perseverance is the key it'll definitely by worth the wait. Don't cause trouble for yourself by making outrageous statements like "We should be helping you". You need to learn a little decorum, we are already serving / have served in the RN and a little respect goes a long way. Rant over.
  9. I don't know what has led to the creation of this thread (educated guess is the other thread with a lot of pages by the same poster), but I for one have found peoples input when I've asked forr it (along with my fair share of bone ones) pretty helpful, as I believe most people have done.

    Maybe you are in need of an attitude readjustment spaceman99 if the above responses have anything to go by.

  10. Am sure there are a lot of people on this site helping young people interested in or applying to join the royal navy.To all those i say thanks.I think you represent the royal navy really well.To all those who use it for other means you should remember that you could be talking to people young enough to be your children.Help them out when they ask you things.
  11. The newbies threads are there to be inspected if you doubt that the young guns are not helped.
    What you term abuse is merely banter and I'm afraid it's part of the job.
    If you sat an eaves dropped in a ships mess square, you could be excused if you thought the blokes hated each another. Its been going since the year dot and hopefully will be there forever. Its being confidant in yourself and your oppos, and you will soon know the boundaries. The more you buck the harder the ride.
    Now roll with it and you are guaranteed to get an answer to any question no matter how bone..
  12. 'I'm' or 'I am'.

    Just messing with ya.

    As has been said, banter is a way of life, especially in the forces.
    I'm only a SAS (Saturdays And Sundays) for the land based forces, but I've learnt there's no malice meant (which is convenient as it is my level of humour). I don't think the internet is a good communication tool in such instances.
    From what I've seen on here, if you've put in the effort, people are more inclined to put in the effort to help.

    My suggestion- relax, get some sleep and take tomorrow as another day.
    Or not, your choice.
    Either way I'm now wondering why I'm posting this late from my phone.

  13. Re: People on this site should be helping out new recruits m

    If I pass my AIB, how long will it be until I can do extra courses?
    I hear something about an 'underwater knife fighting course' and it interests me.
    I quite like swordfish, so with that as an in road, can I challenge the instructor? After all, I'd have the range advantage, although sharpening was be a dozzy.
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hey spacedude,

    Come talk to yer uncle blobbs, are the nasty men behaving badly? I have an impecible record of dealing sensitively and with compassion to all potential young thrusters. I'll look after you with cyber hugs and everything, what do you need to know suger plum?
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Re: People on this site should be helping out new recruits m

    You really must set your sights higher and aim for the STC branch - there's a fair amount of information scattered around the site if you look.
    Good luck.
  16. Re: People on this site should be helping out new recruits m

    Worked with an ex-Bootneck a few years ago and the competitive spirit was still there. Early on in our partnership we were having a dig at each other and when we turned around there was a nervous group of managers and supervisors. We explained we were just acting normal whereupon the MD said words to the effect, "Feck me! I thought you were going to kill each other!"
    aH! Some people eh?
  17. Re: People on this site should be helping out new recruits m

    You can't possibly compare this guy to Azkanan he was a fcuking legend! I just read through the thread again in full and I'm pi$$ing myself. I wish he'd come back!
  18. Oh dear did the big man make you cry?
    The force is strong in this one.
  19. Dude?? 8O Bumder!

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