People needed to help sexy [email protected] in limbo


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Please check out mine and P_O's posts on the 'All About The AIB' thread... last page.

Maybe someone can shed some light on the AIB situation.

How are you guys getting on? Judging from the other posts it doesn't sound great. Have you spoken to Lt Cdr AIB? or do you know when the selection board is? Since LtHolt got faster tracked maybe there is a place still? (if that helps at all).

The only thing with going back to AIB is that you'd be well ahead of the game just knowing what was coming up and being interested and as keen as you guys obviously are.

I've still got my fingers crossed for you both!
sara21 said:
wet_blobby said:
Bugger, I thought this was about shagging mongs suspended from the ceiling.....
Then our cunning bit of titleage worked, whoop.

But did it, has anything WB has had to say helped you?

The general question though comes to mind is just how well s the training pipeline working, we seem to have shortages of man/womanpower in the fleet, and in a number of cases qualified people having to wait to join. To the simple minded old fart something is not quite right.
I have been told that you can reapply to AIB whilst you are waiting, but, you can't sit it until your year is up. Knowing how long the application pipeline takes I doubt this is going to be a problem (AIB pass expires after Feb entry), if I could get a AIB date before the april intake it would be perfect.

One more thing...... brace yourselves...... This time I will be applying to CrabAir aswell. It is a sad, sad day! ; )


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Can somebody please clarify for me, You lot have passed AIB, medicals, fitness tests, everything needed basically and the Navy won't give you a join up date?


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This seems daft, anyone know what the problem is? Not enough training staff, too many foriegners taking up spaces (but paying handsomely for the privalage) not enough capacity at BRNC? Better candidates already passed and in the queue?


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I just don't think they need that many Warfare Officers AND too many people are passing the AIB. The system seems a little flawed, all this waiting and hoping but never knowing is a pain in the arse.

Then again as my dad quite rightly said "If you are good enough mate you only need one place" and he is right.

Does anyone know if I can take the FATS and look at changing to Aircrew if Warfare is dead in the water? (Just thinking out loud)
No you cannot!!! because it means you might take my place! ; )

seriously though that would be a question for your AFCO, but if its a brand new application then I cannot see a problem with it.

Blobby its because we passed with low scores, the people with better scores get entered first.


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I got told that mine was an above average by my ACLO. The the TSO told me I was in the middle of the pile. Back in the day (Summer) I was told that my chances of being selected for Jan were 90%... so who knows what the scores mean.

The only thing we can do, or any newbies can do, is go to the AIB and work hard for every damn point because it is true that each one really does count.

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