Pensioners lived in a Travelodge for 22 years


Lantern Swinger
Pensioners lived in a Travelodge for 22 year - as long as I spent in the "Andrew", and they gave me medal for undetected crime for less.
Dad spend £1.2k per month in a "charity" rest home. Sounds like a bargin as the rooms are similar apart from the personal touches
Yes the second option of a life on the ocean waves appeals to me with all mod cons and regular changes of scenery . No crime or crap great stuff . One aspect for ' that time ' is the prospect of Davey Jones' Locker for the final resting place . All makes sense to me although I would choose P & O for old times sake after travelling on a couple of the ' old ones ' . Wouldn't want to be prone to sea-sickness though .

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