Hoping someone can help. i'm after some help for my brother who served in the navy for 4 years in the mid 70's. He has lived overseas since then and is currently in financial difficulties. Does anyone know whether he is entitled to claim for a pension for the few years that he served. I don't want to get his hopes up without having more information to hand.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


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Before 1 April 75 there was no entitlement to a preserved pension. To get one you had to serve 16 yrs from age 21 as an officer or 22 yrs from age 18 as a OR.

Between 1 April 75 and 1 April 78, preserved pensions were awarded if the individual was age 26 or over with at least 5 yrs service (from 21 for an officer or 18 for an OR)

Between 1 April 78 and 6 April 88, the age requirement was dropped but the 5yr vesting period remained.

From 6 April 88, the vesting period reduced to 2 yrs.

By the sound of it, the original poster's brother will not have qualified for a preserved pension but it doesn't hurt for him to ask Veterans UK.
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