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Pension rights on transfer

I've put this in "the Afterlife" because, well, its after I leave the mob, sort of!

Can anyone please help.
I've had the go-ahead from Mrs Lamri, after years of wearing her down, to start looking into a move to Australia. :smile:

I have roughly three and a half years to do for my 22 and was wondering if my pension transfered across if I go through the process of transfering into the RAN for the rest of my time (or whatever the RoS is).

Obviously if it doesn't, then I would be better off waiting, but with kids at 10, 9 and 2 years old I would like to get things moving for their sake.

Thank you in advance for any replies/advice.


This may be urban myth, it may also be b***cks however I heard that your pension can be Tx. You take a rate drop when you transfer, but soon pick up where you left. From what I can gather it is a good move if you can make it stick and get on with up rooting your family X thousands of miles.

Good Luck :)


War Hero
I don't know about the pension, but dropping a rate can depend on your branch, seniority in existing rate and any adquals.

To get residency you've got to do three years in the RAN.

Take a look on the RAN website, there is a page with contact information on there. You can drop an email to a RAN CPO who can give you the up to date dit.
Cool thanks for the info guys.
Just for the record, I have been a PO for eleven years now, so I might not be able to squeeze back into my square rig :D although it would be worth it to see my kids grow up in a better place.


War Hero
I think I rmeember a RAN person telling me that there pension system is different, ie: nothing after 22, it just goes into a normal civy style pension pot, but I don't know the details. I'd get your 22 first.


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Karma said: "To get residency you've got to do three years in the RAN."

If you check it out you have to apply for citizenship within 6 months of joining - it is your family who must be there for three years before they can apply for citizenship. Everybody gets a permanent resident's visa before you fly or you dont go!


War Hero
F169 said:
Karma said: "To get residency you've got to do three years in the RAN."

If you check it out you have to apply for citizenship within 6 months of joining - it is your family who must be there for three years before they can apply for citizenship. Everybody gets a permanent resident's visa before you fly or you dont go!

I thought that the residency/ citizenship issue was conditional on a three year ROS?

A few years since I looked into it so not out of the question my recall is a little out.


War Hero
Speak to the Commonwealth Transfer Officer (I think that's his title) a WO in Oz who will give you all the info, I got his number from the Oz Embassy but you can probably get it on t'internet now. I looked into it a while ago, his words to me were you'd be a fool not to finish your 22 in the RN, a RAN wage plus your pension is the best deal you are going to get, bear in mind RAN wages are quite a bit lower than ours. You can apply up to 2 years before you join, it actually takes about a year to do the transfer anyway! The dropping a rate thing is totally dependent on available jobs, if there is a PO's billet they can't fill you will go in as a PO, if there ain't you go into the next available slot
Thanks again guys for some really useful info :) I will contact this WO, through Australia House if I have to, and get the process keyed up depending on what the up to date splurge from him is.
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