Pension on Medical Discharge

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by polar, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. I am after some quick info.

    I have done 20 years currently wo2.

    If I have a medical board at 20 years does anyone know what my pension will be and lump sum.

    I am on the old pension scheme

    Cheers in advance
  2. Polar

    Could the JPAC Enquiry Centre help?

    Tel: 0800 085 3600/MOD 94560 3600

    Email: [email protected]

    JPAC Enquiry Centre
    Mail Point 403
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX
  3. soliel, There was a bbc radio4 programme on Friday at 1545 about service pensions Called I think "The fortune hunters" about a tax problem, don't know if is of any interest or whether it can be obtained by podcast.
  4. Didn't know if someone had a rough forecast normally given out if attending Medical Board.
  5. Just make sure that you are medically discharged before completing 21 years,as they will not medically discharge you in your last year of service.I know this for a fact as I was in the same position and sustained my injury on duty 11 months before completion of 22 and my medcat on laving was P8U8
  6. I have EC10 so the 22 year mark shouldn't make any difference
  7. Of course the 22 year mark makes a difference, that's your immediate pension date.
  8. Totally agree
  9. F*cking Tiff's eh?
  10. The 22 year mark won't make a difference when looking at an MBOS as I already have EC10, it would if I was putting my notice in....

    They can't say "we won't discharge you until you have done your 22" because my TX date is now at 32 years....

    And they can't suddenly cancel my EC10 when it was confirmed 2 year ago...
  11. The point is that you would be eligible for a pension at the 22 year mark so I THINK that perhaps your medical discharge pension would only be for the time you may have lost i.e 10 years.I may be wrong but if they did discharge you medically you would perhaps be entitled to a War Pension from the SPVA.
    It may be worth joining the Forces Pension Society and posing the questions to them.It is £26 per year and I found their advice invaluable and more importantly up to date try www
  12. But your immediate pension date is still after 22 years service.

    Beat me to it.
  13. Is your medical board for attributable or non-attributable injury

    I think one of our members 3yearstilltx may have the answer
  14. If you get yourself booked on the INM resettlement brief, the guy who gives it gives a chit out which gives figures. These are only at the full year mark though, so you have to take into account the over/under exact year into account and accept that the exact amount will be slightly different to what the chit says. E.G. the current figures for 19 years CPO are (from memory) 11176 per year and 3* that for the leaving lump-sum. I didn't take notice of the 20 year figures for WO as they weren't relevant to me.

    Get yourself booked on that brief, it's got a lot of information that should be very relevant to you
  15. NOT if you are medically pensioned.

    AS for your pension amount, go on the intranet, find the latest pension tables and there is one for medical discharge .

    Simple as that.
    Also make sure you attend the one day brief at Institute of Naval medicine at Alverstoke. Very useful.
  16. The bold and underlined part.


    You can only get the pension or payment from the War veterans if you serve your time and leavenormally, and your injury was before 2006.


    suggest you go on the intranet and read

    It is all available on the SPVA web site and is straight forward.

    Looking for answers on hear say and rumour for financial decisions is not a good thing to do.

    Good luck with your board.
  17. Polar, informal naval websites are not the places to get this sort of info. The online pension calculator will give you the info you need, backed up by a call to the SPVA. (which is probably what you'd advise to member of your division to do LOL.
  18. The online calculator WILL NOT give him the information he is asking for, medical pension information, the calculator only gives noramlnrates.

    Look at the pension rates, there is a different table for medical pension rates.On the Intranet, as I said earlier.

    You can contact SPVA and they will send you a projection of your medical pension.
  19. I did say that I may be wrong,I was just going on my own circumstances,I have it in writing that I could not be medically discharged in my last year of service, I had served 21 years 2 months and only had 10 months to go for my full 22 year pension.I broke 2 discs in my neck whilst on duty,had discs c5/c6 fused and never returned to work for any of my remaining 10 months.My medcat on discharge was P8U8 which I believe is unfit for Naval Service.I was awarded a War Pension at the 80% rate and other benefits.The year I was discharged was 1992,so obviously things have changed and I apologise if the information I gave was incorrect or misleading.

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