Pension Justice for troops


Afternoon all, a number of service people have been made redundant close to their immediate pension point. We believe this is a betrayal of all those who served with the reasonable expectation of acheiving this cut of point. The military chain of command, MOD and ministers have closed down in responding to quesitons on the matter. The Secrtary of State for Defence has had to retract an incorrect statement he made to the House of Commons Defence Committee using the excuse that he was inadequately briefed as the topic is complex. We are lobbying for a taper to remove this cliff edge in the redundancy/pension package however in order to get any traction we have to get 100,000 sigantures on an e-petition. Would you consider leding your support to the petition at this link- Pension Justice for Troops - e-petitions This affects personnel from all three services and across all ranks. For more information visit Pension Justice for Troops
I have just Signed the petition to stop this disgusting betrayel and dishonour of long serving troops, Whether or not the persons receiving this petition give a damn is a totally different story. Good luck with receiving more signatures.


War Hero
Done it. Typical of these modern governments. Slaughter the workers while nosing deeper into the trough themselves.


Do you have to be serving to sign ? This is a fcuking disgrace when you see recruitment ads on the telly. Our local base has just been shut down, reducing the regiment by 80%. Who trains the newbies,especially in theatre ?:eek:mg:

Small comfort, the same squeeze with pensions is happening in Education. I have no faith whatsoever in securing a pot for later life, it seems to me you pay through the nose,expecting the security you have provided for yourself to be there at the latter stages, then get totally shafted.


Sure, I'll sign the petition but, if I remember correctly, (and nothing is guaranteed with my grey cells these days) we got up a petition a while back to obtain pensions for those 9 & 12 year (LS1) guys who left the Mob prior to 1972. No provision was made for us whatsoever as far as pension rights were concerned. This has been debated in Parliament and I believe in the European Court but to no avail. Now you get pension rights after serving for a year.

Bloody typical of me, should of checked the date, it expired a year ago. Still, with only 14000 signatures it was a pretty poor show all round don't you think?

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