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Hi guys, I joined in March 77 and left October 86 and will reach my 60th birthday next year, can anybody update me with the best way to find out my entitlement and who I need to poke to arrange getting it.

Thanks in advance guys


Lantern Swinger
Absolutely! When you left in 1986 you would have needed at least 5 years Regular paid service as an Other Rank in order to qualify for pension benefits. 86-77=9 so there is every possibility that you qualified unless you were a bad lad.

To find out what any benefits held for you are worth, submit an AFPS Form 14 to the address on the last page of the form. I tried to attach one but the system says 'no' so, if you cannot get one on your browser, send me a PM with your email address and I will send you one.

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