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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. Nice timing Cameron!

    Two days before Armistice Sunday a spokesperson for Cameron has announced that calls to protect the armed forces from cuts to public sector pensions has been rejected.

    This is what your Tories think of the Armed Forces, they do not see them as a special case when I am confident that the vast majority of the British public do. Good morale is vital for our troops and to make them feel that they are not valued is just another blunder from this cobbled together, blunder riddled excuse of a government. When on active service they must have the reassurance e that in the event of them being disabled or killed their loved ones will be well looked after.

    Full Sad Story Here:

    And there's more
  2. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    I didn't vote for this :evil:
  3. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    As said many times, we are 'all' in this together and must 'all' work to get us out of the mess that the previous government left the nation in.

    The story is all bullshit anyway. The amount quoted is supposing that inflation will stay as it is now, so does that mean that Labour Luvvers want inflation to remain high ??
  4. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    I voted conservative because I didn't want to see labour get this country that I love even more into the shit than it already is. The sentiment that we are all in the together is true when you see the amount of people going out of their way to try to raise money for the wounded both physically and mentally.
  5. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    We are all in it together where love, respect and support of our Armed Forces is concerned (stand fast Muslim extremists) but we are most assuredly not all in it together where future financial stability is concerned.

    To hear Cameron and his front bench of multi-millionaires trotting that one out on a regular basis is insulting.
  6. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    Fink. To be fair mate i think this is more about you being bitter and twisted that the Tories et al got in instead of Labour. Look at the facts and what labour have done to this countries economy. Yes the cuts will hurt and are most definately wrong but the root cause needs to be looked at and addressed which is the £4 Trillion in the red U.K economy!!
  7. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    X.R.D, you could not be more wrong as I have reached a stage in my life where I look upon all politicians of all parties with equal contempt. They are all a bunch of liars who will say anything to attain power only to break their word once power has been attained. It is also my belief that some have used our Armed Forces to further their own ideological/political agendas.

    What I want to see is politicians treating our Armed Forces with respect and making sure they get the very best deal possible. Politicians are the people who are responsible for sending our troops into harm’s way and they have a responsibility to look after them and their families should the worst happen they certainly are not doing that with this pension robbery.
  8. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    this is ******* shit!!

    So now the forces are "used and abused" by politicians throughout AND now after their careers.

    Thanks very much......

    surprised they can get away with doing it retrospectively to those whove already got pensions/ in pension schemes.
  9. Re: Nice timing Cameron!

    Nothing new really. Been along time since any Govt has given the Armed Forces a favorable view. Il admit I voted Liberal as at that point I was a student and many of their proposals and ideas were in my benefit. That was my big mistake of this year and I wont be doing it again seeing how Clegg has sold out.

    Im no fan of the Conservatives, I cant stand em but as is the British way, we must face the challenges the Govt have placed in front of us and find a way to get through them.

    Hopefully things will one day get better. Currently Im just hoping I get into the Navy, then my priority will change to staying in, and then at the end of it all if the country is still buggered up I'l decide if its in my Family's interests to remain in the UK or go.

    Alas, this aint the USA where its the constitutional duty of the Citizen to remove from office any Govt that doesnt serve the National Interests. Certainly be amuzing to apply that here :p
  10. Your pension less not more

    Some of you including myself may have been blissfully unaware of recent changes to your armed forces pension . Not going to bleat about it but it might be worth taking a look at the link below.
    I consider myself lucky that I am in reasonable health and hopefully the good lord will allow me the three score and ten - but what about our war widows and the disabled.
    Sad sad sad
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Threads merged.

    If original posters would give their thread a title that gives readers some clue as to its subject (one did, one didn't) duplicate, triplicate and up threads may be avoided. Just a thought.
  12. I know I know if the cap fits, the title was a tad abstruse. :)
  13. I was widowed and my late husband did his 22 in the Mob as I did myself.
    I remarried 2 years ago and my late husbands pension was stopped.
    Should my new husband die I will have to fight for my 1st husbands pension to be reinstated.
    Oh and by the way my new husband will only be entiled to a portion of my WRNS pension because we married when I left the service.!!!
    We would have been better living over the brush lol
    This is not the new Conservative government decision this has been in place for a long time.
  14. so from reading deeper into this, theyve said that changing pension schemes retrospectively requires legal wrangling etc and more expensive than it saves - yet from the calculations shown in the links that is exactly what they are doing?

    if "accrued benefits" are not effected, surely your pension terms and conditions saying "RPI" is an accrued benefit that youve paid into and hence is protected?

    so what exactly does this mean to us?? those still serving have the proportion of their pension until the date of the change increased by RPI and then any more years earned increase by cpi?? ie part of your pension is RPI, part increased on CPI or is it all being converted to CPI?? and is that the same retrospectively, ie those whove left pension??

    if so does that not mean they are doing a direct pension cut in real terms for people already recieving a pension? something i thought was against legislation, or have they changed the legislation too??

    be interesting what this actually means in real terms for all of us. Its obvious for new entrants but could be more complicated for those whove left or are still serving?
  15. Just as an aside I still receive my late husbands private pension although I have remarried!!
  16. How to kill a topic dead lol xx
  17. I hope Cameron was thinking about his decison when he was at the Cenotaph this morning.
  18. As I said in a previous post this was not Camerons decision/ruling
    I was widowed 2005 and this was the ruling then I think Labour were in power.Oops know Labour was in power.
    Senile dementia not kicking in lol
  19. Of course it's his decision he's the PM, he was lobbied over the issue and chose to ignore it and I think you mean New Labour.
  20. This is yet another of Fink's attempts to blame all the world's problems on one man, or make a swipe at his background. New avatar, same tired old posts.

    Change the record Fink - it's pretty boring.

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