Pension Aristocrats - That's You


War Hero
I often fear that; to quote a cheesy rock song that ‘life didn’t turn out quite the way I want it to be.’

On the other hand, the public sector includes MPs and their pretendy Regional variants who will not shit on their own doorstep.


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We were always informed that the reason that our pay rates were distinctly average compared to those available in civvie street was that our retirement pensions would be better those likely to be paid to the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker. I don't think Pusser's pension trumps everything civvie but I'm glad I was in it.


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My ex was 2nd i/c of pensions admin at what is now Aviva , she said it would be difficult to beat my ps pension of 2/3rds of final salary anywhere , far far better than what she could expect.