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Pension advice for my dad please!!

Hi all, hope there's someone on here who can help or point me in the right direction.

My dad enlisted in 55 when he was 16 and left in 71 - he is now 73 years old. He's a right miserable old sod but being as I'm stuck with him, I'm duty bound to look after him (its tough being a son). One of the things that I've never really understood is that he doesn't get a forces pension. He says the reason why is that pensions weren't available pre 1975. I just worry that my old man just gets on with things - he'd never question something.

Does this sound correct? This has only come to a head because I heard a thing on radio 4 about a compensation scheme for naval personnel. I just don't want my dad to miss out on something he's entitled to but doesn't want to "rock the boat" to get it.

Would really appreciate some help or advice. FYI he served on (amongst others) the barfluer and was based at devonport and Chatham.



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Contact SSAFA they will be in yellow pages / online. Ask for a caseworker to visit and help sort it out. I don't know much about pensions in your dads time, but SSAFA can help.


War Hero
Sorry to disappoint you but your Father is not entilled to a Royal Navy pension ...fact although he will receive some extra on his State pension.. GSP..graduated state pension ..isc.

Prior to 1975 there were no rights to preserved pensions in any public or private pension schemes. Most schemes had very restricted qualifying criteria for the award of pensions. For instance, to qualify for a pension under the Civil Service arrangements, an individual had to be over age 50 and have served for ten or more years. Those who left voluntarily before meeting these criteria lost rights to pensions. For the Armed Forces occupational pensions were awarded only if a member had completed at least 16 years reckonable service as an officer or 22 years reckonable service as an other rank. Reckonable service is paid service after age 21 for officers or after age 18 for other ranks.
Engagements for shorter periods were on non-pensionable terms. Another case of moving the goal posts, think they have a similar problem today, on another such matter
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G'day Son of Navy Bloke, contact [email protected] quoting either Dad's service number or his National Insurance number, they will advise. I think "scouse" is wrong. Deferred pensions were commenced in the 60's. I joined RN 1963 and left 1975, I not only receive a Navy pension, they also paid me a lump sum at the age of 60, the lump sum was approx £12K and subsiquent pension approx £4K per year.

Deferred pensions and lump sums are paid at the age of 60, but one has to apply for it. Obviously your Dad didn't, unfortunately many don't.

With Dad's consent, you are allowed to represent him.

Wish you well, do let us know how you fair. cheers
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