Pension 75 and 05 will not be added together

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by brummie707, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Could anyone please let me know if they are having the same problem as we are,Having contacted Glasgow about pension forecast have now been told that I have no longer have a pension when i leave as they will no longer add together the 05 and 75 scheme together, if you have a break in service even thought have completed 22 years in total.Last year we would have but without any information supplied they have changed the goal post t pension not on leaving the service but at the age of 65.
  2. ...................This is a known issue - talk to the Forces Pension Society (you won't get a lot of meaningful pension advice on here!)
  3. No expert on this but that sounds correct. One of my lads has just put his notice in because his 22 year carrot has disappeared from the end of the stick. He's got a break in service so has 2 stints, one on each scheme. Although they are combined if he was to stay and completes 22 years service he will not receive an EDP or immediate pension.

    As NA4KFP says, join the FPS, they'll be all over this, £30 odd quid well spent - and you may even get a holiday voucher! I believe there may be some legal challenges brewing over this issue.
  4. This is something we know about. SPVA reinterpreted 'relevant service' after Tranche 1 redundancies so Tranche 1 got a better deal than subsequent Tranches. There is a Barrister looking at this. He is a retired RN officer who specialises service terms and conditions. See
  5. I had to transfer my 75 scheme preserved pension over to he 05 scheme I had started within a year of rejoining to get a full pension scheme when I'm time done. So instead of having two preserved pension when time done I have one complete one

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  6. Cat



    I am in the same position, I cant believe they have just changed the rules and taken away my EDP, after being told i will get it, and getting a pension forcast stating so?!I also know other people thinking the same and none have been told about the changes, I would have never re joined if no pension was on offer, i feel let down.... The only thing that keeps us going is our pension, I deploy next week and this is not how to treat servicemen. Pish
  7. I joined in 62, did 27 years in the mob. Both in civilian life and the service my generation has had the best of it. Good pussers pension, final salary occupational pension and a reasonable state pension. But we are probably the last generation to get all this. Successive governments have cocked it all up, the only group to prosper now are, you guessed it the politicians.
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  8. Cat


    I have been advised to put a service complaint, by legal at Drake and the pension society
  9. Ninja_Stoker

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    Assuming you rejoined within the last year or so, it maybe worth contacting your AFCO to see if they still have a copy of your Approval to Enter letter which is evidence of the terms which were offered and which you agreed, prior to re-joining. It'll be exactly what is required in support of an appeal if the service has chosen to move the goalposts.

    The re-entry letter outlines the terms under which you rejoin the service - ie: selection elements to be completed, any re-training requirements, the contract under which you will rejoin (currently AFPS 05 for ALL ratings, despite whatever pension you may have initially accrued), your pay increment level and ideally it should outline how much service your contract has left to run.

    The more documented supporting evidence you have, the better the chances of having a complaint upheld.
  10. ...................Have a read of RNTM 175/13 (an attempt to understand the scale of the issue). I suspect someone is going to have to take the MoD to court in a test case for this to be "flushed out" - those affected will say the "goalposts" have been moved (probably correct in my opinion) the MoD will say it was always in the Regs - watch this space!
  11. I have proof of both my pensions being combined and that all my reckonable service as a whole. All pensionable benefits including EDP I am entitled to.

    Cat is in the same situation.

    Thank god I kept all my paperwork
  12. Get SPVA to confirm it, Tommo. Lots of people had print outs saying that they qualified for EDP only to be told that they did not at the last minute.

    There is a challenge brewing - just waiting for the results of the first Service Complaints.
  13. But with all "moving the goalposts" on pussers pension entitlement. You with always find, that the MOD win their case!!!!!!! Ps don't go wasting your dosh on any high paid barristers. Coffin Mew - Solicitors Southampton, 1000 Lakeside Portsmouth, Gosport | Employment Lawyers Southampton | Fareham pps here is another firm tried tested and failed Armed Forces Pension Group Ltd - Home Page
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  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For those interested, "Approval to Process" letters issued to re-entrants from at least last year, before they actually re-join, usually contains the following extract, or similar:

    "You should be aware that Previous Reckonable Service can be preserved and aggregated towards a Preserved Pension, but it will NOT count towards the 18 years required to reach the Early Departure Payment point. Consequently, an individual, upon rejoining has to, irrespective of any previous qualifying and reckonable service, serve a full 18 years on AFPS 05 in order to reach the EDP. For further advice on how this will affect you, contact SPVA Pensions Division directly on 0800 085 3600"

    The service standpoint, whether we happen to agree or otherwise, is that the individual chose to leave and subsequently chose to rejoin under their own volition, under these conditions.

    As an aside, I drip like ten about the fact that my pension is abated by over £100 per month because I joined the careers service and am not permitted to earn more than my last day's pay as a "front-line" service person. I suspect it's actually "illegal" besides being immoral, however I was aware of this when I opted to "re-join" .

    Whatever the individual thoughts & feelings, good luck with the quest - it's taken me ten years to argue against this so far, to no avail.
  15. Just out if interest is inflation taken in to account for your case? Or is your pension getting smaller every pay rise? Surely that cant be right?
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It gets worse - most of us commute our pension so they cannot abate it too much...but unlike any other FTRS contract which can run to age 60, ours is sudden death at age 55 (unless there's no-one after your job!)

    Those joining the careers service with nil experience in recruiting today, (ten years after me, for example) doing the same job but paid previously on the higher pay band are several hundred pounds a month better off.

    In this job inexperience pays!

    Conversely those with former service re-employed by the government as say, a Minister, are not subject to pension abatement.
  17. Good news on this, they have back tracked and all are eligible :)

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  18. The only people who still have their position unresolved (as far as I know) are those who left after Jan 2012 and before 16 Dec 2013. That is still under review.

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