Penny for the Guy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Before the big fire works display started in 1939 the practice of making a Guy and parading him around the streets to the call of 'penny for the guy ' culminated in fireworks and the ceremonial burning of the 'guy ' on a bonfire . All the fun of the fireworks , bangers in letter boxes , but apart from that great times for the kids.
  2. And what do we get now?
    Some scruffy little twat with no elocution let alone literacy banging on the door with "mates" in tow and almost DEMANDING money "for the guy" (packet of fags and booze more like), then getting the right 'ump when you say "No Ta!".
  3. Sorry Lamri, I've got to say, your avatar is spot on mate.

  4. Thanks, I got the wife to take it of me after swimming ;)
  5. In that case get yer bloody hair cut you hippy!
  6. Reminds me of a time in Guz many years back.

    I had gone ashore one Sunday lunchtime for a DTS with a mate of mine, Mick Newby (Killick RP) and we supped a few in the Ark Royal in Devonport. Come closing time we headed back to the ship via Granby Gate where we came upon 2 snotty little janner kids...

    "Penny for the Guy mister" says one of them in pure janner twang.

    So Mick gave him one penny and then ran off with the Guy straight through the gate and down towards Slip Jetty with me in tow.

    We were eventually stopped by some MOD Police after the kids complained Mick had half-inched their Guy. Guy was handed back and even the coppers had to laugh about it.
  7. A bit like my dad at 75 , he went to answer the door and found some pillock with a "Help the Aged" collecting tin in his hand and shakes it under his nose. Dad takes it, says thanks and shuts the door After alot of bell ringing and banging at the door my dad returned it said sorry but he thought it was his turn to receive. :dwarf:
  8. Beware Brigham - that Guy had my school uniform on - I haven't forgotten !!!!
  9. Ooops :)
  10. Yeh the little sods pelted the house with eggs after I told them not tonight thank you on Halloween. It was great to see there little faces when they got SFA!! Victor Mildew is alive and well :w00t:

    The snag is I was round the mates at the time and he is none to happy. Brats!!
  11. Even down here we get Guy Fawkes, well thats what happens when you accept boatloads of POMs in the Fifties I suppose.
    Firework sales limited to 3 days before the 5th in an effort to reduce incidents/injuries but bad news at the weekend NZ had some nasty incidents in Auckland and Christchurch with fireworks shooting into crowds at 'organised' displays. OSH are on the way!! :w00t: :threaten:
  12. At least you can still have fireworks. They've been banned in Australia for 20 years or so. Just because some dim-witted scrotes kept blowing themselves up or losing the odd eye or finger, we all have to suffer. While group punishment was a fact of life in the mob I don't take to it much as a civvy, and on a nation-wide basis. :evil:
  13. A Guy is still carried through the streets of Lewes in Sussex every Bonfire night.
    Not so much a Guy as more a political figure, and really well done. The Pope always gets burned as well, always to shouts of 'Burn the Pope'.
    I'm not sure who will be going up in smoke alongside His Holiness this year but I'll let you know.
    There are various bonfire societies and it is something really worth seeing.
    Lewes was the scene of a lot burnings of Protestants hence the dislike of the church of rome.
    It is also the birthplace of the U.S. constitution which was composed in a room at the White Hart Inn (based some say on the original levellers constitution from the civil war period).
  14. That's a new angle on burning the ' guy ' from my youth and a good idea . Burning effigies? is quite popular in today's world so who would YOU burn in effigy ? Isn't there something about a burning bush in the good book ?
  15. Well - they gave us bloody "Trick or Treat?"

    Penny for the Guy is a British Tradition isn't it?

    So here's what I presume is the Yank spin on it......



    Note: Two of these lovely people seem to be wearing ladies shoes....
  16. It's historic and been going on for centuries, a real taste of the religious background of this country.
    A lot of nasty things have happened in Lewes and it suits this kind of thing well.
    I have seen Maggie T, Bin Laden, and a good few others. I have missed a few years but am fairly certain that GW Shrub as already been done.
    There are little attempt to avoid offending.
    The effigies are huge and very well done indeed. It is an adult celebration, not dumbed down for children.
    It is bonfire night at its best, and anarchic to boot. should have a report about it. Or, google - lewes bonfire pictures and you see what I mean. The only things spoiling the pics are the bumble bee police jackets. Otherwise you could be stepping back into history.

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