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Penis won't fit!


Lantern Swinger

Basically long story short, I've got a new girlfriend, been seeing her 2 months and shes a virgin. She told me she was a virgin a while ago so anytime we've done anything sexual I've basically tried to make her more ready to have sex each time so it wouldn't be as sore for her when we do. (I.e fingering her with one finger a few times, and started with 2 and even 3, but dead slow)
So, today we were ready to have sex, and my penis was going no futher than past her actual vagina opening about an inch and a half in. She was wet as October so there definately wasn't a lube problem, and I don't have a big penis or anything just your average joe bloggs' long john.

Anyone been in this situation before and can offer some advice? I prepared her in every way possible and can't really think of anything else so...

Any replies appreciated, although expecting the cunny funt replies moreso lol


Lantern Swinger
Shes 19, same as me. Shes not even small or dead skinny, don't see how its such a prob lol. She said it hurt


War Hero
And you thought it would be polite to tell the whole world on the internet? You diisgust me. You didn't even post any pictures!


Ask some of the older wimmin on the forum,they may be of help.See if there are any on line now and PM them with the problem.
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