Penis enlargement, does it work

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Yep - I'd say it does but it sure looks a little wooden.

  2. Re: Penis enlargement,does it work

    What the hell. Is that real ??. If it is his dick will of exited stage left.. 8O
  3. WTF !!?? 8O
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bet that hurt.
  5. Now I know what my Septic Mate means when he say's he's got wood (usually at Nascar races)!
  6. "NHS Helpline how can I help".

    I've got a splinter that I am having difficulty in removing. Any suggestions.
  7. Ouch !!

    A perfectly operational keyboard has now been covered in spilt coffee - defo wasn't expecting that... ! 8O
  8. guess he'd been sitting on the fence..or is that what ya gets for settin on the fence too long.
  9. Don't be so stupid Blackrat, if you really was a pongo, did you never get an unusual "Postin".? :wink: :oops:

    Actually the truth is it's oldseadog, he insisted on getting the LAST POST :roll: :oops: :wink: :D
  10. Penis enlargement does it work?

    I saw an ad in mag saying I could make my penis 12" long.

    Stuff that, I ain't cuttin' the end off it for nobody!
  11. To be a boring [email protected], I've seen that before. It was an accident where the poor sod got thrown from a vehicle IIRC and land sphincter first on a fence that has got to fcuking HUUUURRRRTTTT 8O 8O
  12. Nearly right:


    <<_mhavz_07-24-2009, 10:43 PM
    This is an emergency room photo of a fisherman who lost control of his high-speed bass boat in West Virginia. Warden's believe that he was traveling at a speed of approximately 75 mph at the time of the accident. He was unable to negotiate a curve in the narrow waterway. Unfortunately for him, upon striking the shoreline and being ejected from the boat, he landed back end first on an old fence post. You can probably picture what happened next, but the picture really says it all. The good news is that after about 6 months, this man made a full recovery after suffering a shattered hip, broken leg, several broken ribs, internal injuries and soft tissue damage. Doctors credited his recovery to the fact that the post lodged itself so tightly that there was little or no blood loss. Now that's got to hurt!!!

  13. You mean it's not a penis enlargement clinic - thats fcuked my dream up then.
  14. No, like a lot of people he was just sitting on the fence........I'll get me coat
  15. Come on man read RR, you will then see there is loads of big pr*cks on here, and quite a few big Cnuts as well :twisted: :wink: :D
    I personally am an hermaphrodite being either as the mood takes. :wink: :D
    But being black......... :wink:
  16. So when someone tells you 'go fcuk yourself' you can literally.
  17. dont like splinters me

  18. Bit like the time I grandslammed my rack in Hong Kong in '97. Dhoby whaller was well impressed.
  19. But nothing like the time we had to carry your swamp stained mattress through the middle of Yeovilton at scran time eh?

    Dirty bastard.

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