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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by lamptramp63, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. When on the first commission of Intrepid,someone wrote to the Jimmy Young radio prog for penpals, each messdeck got a bundle, to choose from,
    Just wondering if any other person ended up marrying their pen pal ,old JY has a lot to answer for
  2. all ended up on the gronk board in my day :money:
  3. I actually married my pen pal. Befpr joining "Boats" an oppo of mine got his girlfriend to write to a lonely sailor (me?) We met and got on very well. To cut a long story short we married on Feb 29th in 1964, ,very convenient as it was half way through my foreign servive leave after 18 months in Halifax N.S.
    I have lost contact with him which is lucky for him!!!
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Still married???????
  5. One of our guys had a penpal that got him worked up in a right head of steam! The letters started out gently enough, but after a while, the perfume and photos started to arrive, followed by a teddy bear in custom made negligee soaking in Canal #5.

    Next, we had full blown letter sex taking place!! This guy was spending more time in the heads with his letters - :lick:

    Problem was, it turned out to be an ex-steward from Grimsby having a larf!!!! He put the ad in Navy News and got his bite!! :muhaha:

  6. Did they get tied up?
  7. Nah, he got a Dear John!! That's how we found out about the windup!

    We had to call the POMA out with morphine because the laughter was killing us! The poor sod did a brilliant impression of a beetroot! Bloody hell, just recalling it has me in chuckles!
  8. I still am (37 effen years) though after spending 9 year in the Andrew and 30 year as a Plod ,surviving marriage is easy,Just agree with SWMBO then do your own thing and ignore the consequencies.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bloody hell mate, almost a mirror image, I'm at 41 married/10 pusser/27 plod, I get through life in the same way :threaten: :threaten:
  10. Just get the last 3 year in and enjoy the pension before Brown taxes the commutation.
  11. Back in the day...when the "Sun" newspaper was non-tabloid, we had an
    RO on the BLAKE who complained a bit about not getting any mail. Well,
    one of his oppos decided to do something about this and he wrote away
    to the Sun newspaper...Dear Sun readers (especially the girls), We are
    lonely sailors on HMS BLAKE who don't get much mail and we were wondering
    if any of you would like to write to some of us...our address
    is RO1(G) ********** 3E Mess, HMS BLAKE c/o BFPO ships.
    Unknown to all us RO's at the time this letter got posted. Anyway, we
    went off for a bunch of exercises and the like and eventually came back
    into Malta. The Reggies (who were the Ships Postmen) tottered off ashore
    to get the mail and came back.....
    (Cut to someone banging on the Hatch to 3E Mess).
    "OYYYY!!!....YOU LOT...YOU GOT AN RO *********** DOWN THERE?"
    (Someone answered in the affirmative)

    This was only the FIRST delivery of what was to be a bloody huge amount of letters, which we shared out with any ship that we came across and its probably safe to assume that - yes people got married, had a bountiful supply of sex and some may even be still together.

    The 3E Mess Gronk Board was friggin' Enormous!

    (This is the dit, the whole dit, and nothing but the dit)... :w00t:

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