Peeping tom crashes through ceiling while spying on naked gi

Now I couldn't do that you see, because when I get a lob on it doubles my weight and the ceiling would never have held!!!! :w00t: :thumright:


War Hero
Re: Peeping tom crashes through ceiling while spying on nake

Of course in my day she would have only been a Nail File:

:quote said:
Miss Hudd, a nail technician, had visited the coin- operated salon on a day off from work, paying around £7.50 for a 15-minute session before getting undressed in one of the five booths.
I wonder how much Mr Strange (how apt) paid for his 15 minute session?
janner said:
Not bad looking for a carpenter (I presume thats what a nail technician is)
Maybe shes a Nail TEchnician as in Finger and toe nails? Don't mean to be sexist or anything, but if someones a carpenter I just assume that they'd be called a carpenter.
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