Pedalo Spotting!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Join in Britain's fastest growing craze - Pedalo Spotting!

    These five pedalos are currently on Britain's Most Wanted list - See here.






    Thanks to these helpful phots, once you've spotted your pedalo you can take it to the next level - Pedalo Bashing!

    That's right, take the law into your own hands and give these dirty bastards a taste of good old fashioned naval discipline.

    A scrub with a wire brush would be a start, followed by a good beating down the tiller flat and then the finale - hatch cover on the genitals!

    Don't delay - join in the fun today!
  2. Paint the bastards with red admar and when it is dry ..chisel it off and apply second coat,, when it is dry......
  3. I cant get over how young some of them are!! can't they go out and get a shag instead of fiddling with young kids. BASTARDS!!
  4. The point is that they apparently get sexually aroused (assuming it is not a power thing, like the male rape of adult women) by having sex with children. The solution is to establish the cause of the problem behaviour in the first place, on the basis that prevention is better than having a victim!

    From my criminology days we learned that many offenders were themselves repeatedly abused from an early age within their own families, so growing up (and of course this includes brain development) to view this behaviour as normal. Repeat victimisation seems to be a common factor in distinguishing between victims who go on to abuse themselves and those who do not. If the abuse conditioned them over a sustained period into normalizing the abuse they suffered this would be "hard-wired" at a neurological level into their growing brains - which does hint at why treatment is so problematic. You need to break the chain of abuse within the family, where most sexual abuse of children occurs. Unfortunately this is also where it is most difficult to pursue offenders because of interfamilial bonding and misplaced loyalties (as well as psychological manipulation by the offender). Offenders can thus be of any age, but in all cases one would expect to find that the offender has a long history of abuse either as perpetrator or as victim. The families who abuse come from all walks of life: MPs, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, miners, factory workers, military, etc. Abused children tend to exhibit characteristic signs which, with training, teachers could pick up at school and ask to have the matter investigated further.

    There are other causes too, such as a greater risk in mentally retarded adults, but these are minor in comparison to the cycle of abuse aetiological route to membership of this group.
  5. Kin ell AAC have you been reading a dictionary then?? However thanks for that thread. In my line of work we do come across some cases where kids are physically or psychologically abused by adults (NAI's) Thankfully i have only had to deal with one such episode which i did take personally and made sure that the T's were crossed and I's dotted. My partner is a teacher and is dealing with a lad at the moment who has severe emotional and behavioural problems and keeps trying to headbutt or kick her. needless to say he has been excluded from school and he is under review!!

  6. No, but I spent far too long at night school with my head in books, writing endless essays and discussing jurisprudence, Kant and Aquinas with fellow students most of whom had never heard of even Kant or Aquinas (Can you believe it? !!!) let alone Levinas (much more understandable) at Birkbeck. And all for a nice scroll with a seal and my name on it. :wink: Just to think, I could have got a nice one doing 6 weeks at Raleigh! Oh well, you live and learn! :lol:
  7. Who?? Dont forget your replying to a bootneck here!!
  8. Well, that'll get them going in Paulsgrove!!

    All the chavs will be out in their best trackies setting fire to the nearest paediatricians surgery. :roll:

  9. This is the feminist theory of rape, and is a load of bollocks IMHO.

    There are much more complex psycho-social factors at work than the outmoded ideas of ugly fat man hating lezzers like Andrea Dworkin.

    As for paedos being abused as children themselves and continuing the cycle, well, if they are aware that their behaviour is wrong then they should use their willpower and stop it and seek help. What did your mates Kant and Aquinas say about free will?

    Personally, I think the whole public hysteria over paedophilia is unhelpful and in extreme cases leads to the Paulsgrove type scenarios. :roll:
  10. i chase the shites for a newspaper. Scary how many live amongst us without us knowing.

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