Congratulations Ollie. Now you know what to expect in future. Keep us up to date with your progress and don't forget to pack your hair dryer. :thumright:


War Hero
Well done Ollie.

It's truly pleasing to see someone ask the question, get the answer, then physically get off their butt & achieve the physical standard required rather than bleat about how hard it is for them in particular.

The very best wishes to you & good luck with your training.


Lantern Swinger
I was very shocked as well.

I know others who have had to wait ages to join as a MCD. For you I know that you mentioned it was 14 months. I must have been VERY lucky and it has only taken 8.5 months.

And yes, the PEDA was a very tough assessment - although I really enjoyed it.
Ollie 123,

Ive only just realised you live in waymouth, Not to far from me coming from Poole.

Anyways I guess Ill be seeing you on June 15th, I presume all the potential Divers go to Raliegh together,

Keeping up the Phys is always fun.
Ollie, you know why you got a joining date so soon - the Chief put in a word so that he can get you back down there ASAP for that little PTI boo boo you made! LMFAO


Lantern Swinger
Well done that man ! best of luck with diver training all my oppos from my raleigh entry passed their divers course a couple weeks ago they said it was hard but well worth it. :thumright:

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