PEDA May 09

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bullingham, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I am on my PEDA in May 09, is anybody else booked on that one.

    Does anybody know how what the process is and how long it takes after the PEDA succesfully completed (fingers crossed).

    Also what is the age genrally of a PEDA?

    Cheers in advance

  2. Hi Bullingham, this link might help. :rendeer:


  3. Thanks wingnut

    Answered alot of my questions
  4. I never realised there were courses for looking at smallee girls.
  5. Hey my PEDA is on the 12th May 09... is that when your's is?
  6. yeah thats the one im on i also know another local guy whos on that we have been doing some training together.

    Where abouts are you based
  7. sorry for l8 reply im in Telford in Shropshire. how about you?
  8. hi mate

    Sorry For delay in replying

    Im based in Gloucester and theres another lad from cheltenham ive been training with is on that one as well.

    Hows your training going?
  9. Hey sorry again for another late reply, its going good i just have to keep off running for a week or two cause my knee is playing up at the mo but going to gran canaria on the 16th for a week going to do some more diving there. i have been focusing alot on my upper body strenghth atm. i have got 23 dips to date and can do about 16 pull ups. but my running is ok just dont want to damage my knee but my running fitness is still good. so when i have finished resting it i will make up for lost time i can't wait now rly excited about it.
    How about you anyway? what sort of regieme have you got mine is kinda random but try to do about an hour of upper body most days and running every morning for about 2-3 miles then more at night it kind of changes from day to day its really hard for me to stick to a trainig program...
    any thoughts
    thanks david

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