PEDA in May anyone?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by insertnamehere, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am down for the PEDA on the 24th May this year and thought I would pop a thread up to check if anyone else is also attending and could discuss training regimes etc....I was told if succesfull I would be starting phase 1 in September 2012 which is pretty good (will be 2 years on the dot from passing the recruit test!)

    My afco advised of 12 places for divers and apart from the PEDA on the 24th im aware there is also one more that week and possily more so its going to be the top 12 who get the go ahead I believe not just if you pass the criteria required....yay......
  2. I thought they can only take 10 on a divers course.
  3. Either your right and the AFCO is wrong or vice versa or its changed, either way would be good to hear from anyone else on it.
  4. I've been told provisionally July for my PEDA, got to pass my interview on Wednesday first. I presume those 12 available places include the July course as well so even more competition I'm afraid! How's the training going? Did your AFCO advise you on what the lock gate swim entails? I'm fine swimming the 1k, just a bit worried as I've read a few posts on here which say it is done wearing fins which requires a special technique (I've never worn them before) thinking about getting a cheap pair off ebay and trying my luck down the local pool, gotta be better than drowning on the day! Good luck with it all mate and let us know how it goes.
  5. Hi Billy,

    As far as what intake for basic training with the July PEDA we can only speculate as there may be later start dates in September and beyond for Raleigh. Depends how they stagger it all and as I have discovered over the year and a half on the waiting list things can dramatically change at any point! My training is going well thanks, strength wise I should be in a good position but i need to to shave more time from my runs. I have 9 weeks and if i train right i will be good.

    From reading various posts on this site everything in the loch/lake will be in fins (swimming wise) and yes if you have the chance to get practice in i would do it. All the pools around me dont let you use fins (the usual health a safety crap is spouted.) This is the one thing which will be new to me but as long as you give it your best and show determination etc then this also counts for alot. Also there are exercises to work your hip flexors which as I understand it are a big part of the finning technique.

    Please correct me if im wrong regarding any of the above info! Anyhoo good luck and once i have done it will post how it went.

    Oh good luck with the interview!
  6. If you have a reservoir near that allows swimming you should be sound for using fins.... or like me if you live by the oggin don the dry suit and do circuits on the beach, just make sure you know where/what/how strong the current is.
  7. Everything is done using fins and a drysuit.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    So far as I'm aware the next vacancies on a PDA (apart from the inevitable cancellations) are currently on 7th November.
  9. Cheers Ninja, that's the date that I was told is likely during my interview earlier - which I passed :). My AFCO is going to confirm the date with me when she knows for sure.
  10. hey guys. Passed my pjft this week and trying to find out more about the peda. Does anyone no if theyre are comunal showers at peda or are the single showers? do u stay actually at horsea island or at a navy base? ta, James
  11. Well James...if that's the level of concern you have about attempting the most physically demanding course in the Royal Navy...I doubt if you will be on course long enough to need a shower.

    Google search for "Royal Navy Pillow Fluffer" I think that's where your future lies.
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  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You get assigned a buddy on the first morning who you bunk with for the course. Of course they're communal showers, how else would you manage to get your back washed.

  13. Do you have to change into your wet suit thingey in front of the other boys too?????

  14. Even shaggin???? Cant remeber using fins for everything- think I used my Birthday suit for everything, and sometimes just :joker:
  15. Yes especially the shagging, although doing that zip up is a bit of a bastard.
  16. Ah thank god for that. I was worried i would like a complete re tard trying to make my arms bend round my back!

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