Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by paddy123456, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Just posting to see if anybody else on here is going down to Horsea Island for there PEDA on the 15th of July?
  2. yeah im down for that one, see you there!
  3. So do you think your ready for it? how long was you waiting for the date?
  4. i hope so, my run times are quite good i think so hopefully.

    i passed all the other stuff last year before christmas so about 8-9 months i think, what about yourself?
  5. I passed everything in August last year so ive probly bin waiting the same, lukin forward to it now just wanna get it done!
  6. Don't forget your Personal Mirrors, the Instructors will be hogging the ones on base.

    Good grief the mirrors joke again in a MCD thread, they get chunky watches too.
    Have the Team that 'lost' the mine/bomb recently got their Mirror 'rights' back yet? Or are they still on 'Compact Time' only?
  7. LMAO NZ, btw good luck paddy and toby!
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Apparently it all started when one of them was momentarily distracted by the sun bouncing off his mirror, dazzling him & causing him to drop it and break it. The 7 years bad-luck bit kicked-in when it was suddenly noticed the bomb thingy was missing, thus cutting short the preening/self admiration break.

    14 days "Compact Only" drill was the only justified corrective measure I'm afraid.

    Naval Gazer will doubtless verify....
  9. Ninja almost had it right. These days, CDs under pun are allowed to share an inspection mirror although they are forced to adopt an undignified stance to use it (which all adds to the humiliation).


    Officially, these mirrors are held by RN Diving Teams to enable them to check under vehicles for bombs but they were originally issued to Chief Wrens to enable them to confirm their charges were wearing regulation bloomers on divisions. The mirrors became surplus to requirement after the WRNS was integrated into the rest of the RN and the wearing of service knickers became optional. RN divers then seized their opportunity and the rest is history.

    I can't think why but this reminds me of the old chestnut from Jack Broome's book, 'Make a Signal', following a wartime shortage of blue serge material: "WRENS CLOTHING IS TO BE HELD UP UNTIL THE NEEDS OF SEAGOING PERSONNEL HAVE BEEN SATISFIED."

    Always glad to help clear up these little historical mysteries.

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