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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kyle.L.19, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Hello!!

    Ok, ive been gathering information on MCD and the fitness they expect to see you when you go to do the PEDA course.

    Now many have said attain marine fitness but only their basic bench mark.

    Now i would like to know, what sort of fitness you think i should be at with running and upper body strength, should i be able to run 3 miles within 19 minutes to be a MCD?

    Anyways any ex CD's out their or anyone with this kind of knowledge could you please shed some light on this issue, seems a bit vague!

    Many Thanks
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: MCD fitness.

    Edited to add Pre Entry Diving Acquaint Briefing Notes:

    Mental Preparation. It is important that you prepare yourself mentally for the challenge ahead. You will be away from home for 2 days living in a 10 man room, with up to 10 other candidates on the course. Depending on your background this may seem daunting. But do not worry, others will be feeling the same way. On arrival you will meet other candidates and have time to sort yourself out ready for the next day. You may be nervous about the physical aspects of the course so talk with your roommates to see how they are coping. The key is to remain in a positive frame of mind, you have done extremely well to get this far, all that remains is to give a good account of yourself.

    The day will be tough. However fit you are you will be pushed to your physical limits and will be working outside of your ‘comfort zone’. Prepare yourself mentally for the challenge – you can do this! You must maintain your motivation over the whole acquaint. Do not judge yourself; leave that to the Diving team. If you feel that you are not performing to your full potential, dig deeper, remember all that they are looking for is potential and not the finished product. However you will be expected to give 100% at all times.

    Physical Preparation. The PEDA may be one of the toughest days of your life. Do not underestimate the requirements of the course; if you have not prepared yourself you will find the going very tough. Your training in preparation must be specific to enable you to gain a pass grade at PEDA.


    Warm Up/Cool down Stretching. Always warm up correctly before and after exercise. This is an essential part of any workout. Start with the smaller muscles when stretching for a warm up and work up to the larger muscle groups. For a cooling down stretch, start with the larger muscles and work down to the smaller muscle groups, as they have a greater blood flow to assist in the stretching process.

    Cardiovascular Fitness. To increase CV fitness, the following is recommended for at least 3-6 weeks prior to the course. Run 3 to 4 times per week, maintaining a steady pace of 7-7.5 min mile pace throughout over the following distances:
    1 x 3 mile run - 1 x 4 mile run - 1 x 5/6 mile run
    Swimming 20 lengths a week will also improve CV fitness and overall body strength.

    Strength Work/General Circuit Training. For overall body strength, body weight exercises are recommended. The following programme details exercises, which should be conducted in numerical order for a period of 20 secs. Three circuits are to be conducted with a 2-min rest in between each complete circuit. This strengthening programme should be done on non-running days.



    1. PRESS UPS
    2. SIT UPS
    3. BURPEES

    6. SQUATS



    Pull ups to maximum x 2 (Reverse and forward grip)
    Parallel dips to maximum x 2

    Food and Fluids. Always ensure that the body is kept well hydrated during any physical exercise, and that a balanced diet is maintained. During intense training period high levels of carbohydrate intake is required ie. pasta, rice, fruit and vegetables.

    Rest. With the correct resting periods incorporated into the training programme, the body has time to rebuild and re-vitalise worked muscle groups and should therefore not be ignored.

    It is imperative your training routine is spread over each week with consecutive training days that will help build stamina. After hard sessions allow rest days, these are important in allowing the body to re-adjust. Ideally your training must be conducted in a variety of weather conditions in order to build up your willpower and stamina. Variety is important so include swimming, gym work and possibly circuits to give variety in your training. Whatever training regime you decide to use look at what is required on PEDA and gear your training accordingly.

    If you have an Injury. If you have an injury or illness then attending PEDA will probably make it worse; and your chances of passing PEDA will be greatly reduced. So if you are injured then tell your AFCO, and your PEDA date can be re-scheduled. This is just common sense – it will not in any way reflect on how you are viewed.


    There are four main physical assessments on the PEDA, spread throughout the day and conducted by Diving Staff and an RN PTI. These include:

    1. The Royal Naval Fitness Test and Upper Body Assessment (Listed Below)

    2. Water jumps from a 3m and 6m board, which also encompass a swim and short run.

    3. Organised aerobic workout (Approx 1 hour duration)

    4. Lock Gate swim encompassing a 1k Squad run followed by a 1K swim in diving suit with fins.


    During the day you will receive lectures on various aspects of the Royal Navy Diver and the equipment currently in service, as well as career opportunities and you will have the chance to talk candidly with some of the people currently undergoing training. Please ask as many questions as you like, it is important that you understand the commitment you will be taking on.


    You will be briefed at the start of the day that you can withdraw yourself from the course at any time, and there will be times that you feel like quitting – don’t. Whatever activity you are doing will soon finish and you will recover and feel better for achieving success. It is only by continuing with the course for the full day that you can make an honest judgement if it is for you. Very few candidates actually fail the course, the majority withdraw saying they feel physically unprepared, so remember – train hard, race easy.

    Candidates who ‘withdraw at own request’ before the course ends may be given the opportunity to return to PEDA for a second attempt, based on their performance up to the point of withdrawal. The team will advise you on how better to prepare yourself and give a set time before you can return for your next shot.

    All candidates who remain at PEDA for the full course should remember that it does not necessarily matter how well you do, as long as it is your very best effort. You will then be given one of two possible results depending on PEDA grade:

    Achieved a grade of SATISFACTORY or above – you have the potential to complete diving course and should contact your AFCO for a joining date.

    Achieved a grade of JUST SATISFACTORY or BELOW SATISFACTORY. This means that it is judged that you are not yet ready to commence diving course and need to improve on your physical fitness in order to retake the PEDA to achieve a "SATISFACTORY" grade or above

    Your Career Advisors will make all the necessary arrangements on your return home so please get in touch with them at the earliest opportunity.


    The PEDA is a tough assessment, which you would expect before joining an elite Branch like the Royal Navy Diver. Thorough physical and mental preparation will give you the best chance of success. Your ability to pass or fail lies squarely with you; if you prepare sensibly and thoroughly and heed the advice given to you, there should be no reason why you should not be successful. The PEDA team is positive in outlook, will encourage you to perform to the best of your ability and they want you to pass. You simply need to do your very best and give 100% throughout your time at Horsea. If you’ve prepared properly then you should thoroughly enjoy the PEDA.
    Good luck!

  3. Re: MCD fitness.

    Wow thanks NS :)

    so i take it this is what i will be doing on the 2 days at PEDA?


    There are four main physical assessments on the PEDA, spread throughout the day and conducted by Diving Staff and an RN PTI. These include:

    1. The Royal Naval Fitness Test and Upper Body Assessment (Listed Below)

    2. Water jumps from a 3m and 6m board, which also encompass a swim and short run.

    3. Organised aerobic workout (Approx 1 hour duration)

    4. Lock Gate swim encompassing a 1k Squad run followed by a 1K swim in diving suit with fins.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: MCD fitness.

  5. Re: MCD fitness.

    Ah nice one what i was looking for! :whew:

    Could anyone got into any more depth with the four stages?

    Whats lock gate swimming?
    How longs the short run after a swim?
    What do you do in the aerobic 1 hour workout! ?

    Sorry if im being too picky, just i want to be fully prepared and aware of what is to come on PEDA. ^_^;
  6. Re: MCD fitness.

    When are you doing the peda? Mine is at the end of April.
  7. Re: MCD fitness.

    Lock gate swim - run from the classrooms at the "top" of the lake down to the bottom (in dry-suit and carrying fins IIRC) then get in lake at "bottom" and fin all the way back. Not too bad, although if you haven't done finning before it makes life a bit interesting on the old hip flexors....
  8. Re: MCD fitness.

    Zoom in on Google Earth (50.50.00N 001.05.50W) to see Horsea Lake in detail. The lock gates are at the western end, the opposite end to the classrooms and preparation area. You run the 1k along the lakeside road to them with your squad in diving suits and carrying your fins (they're NEVER called 'flippers' in the Royal Navy) before donning them and swimming back the length of the lake on your back in a sitting position.

    The short run after each swim across the lake is a couple of hundred yards around the top of it to get back to the board and jump again. Each day starts with a few of these circuits. If you're lucky enough to catch the instructor's eye, you may be 'allowed' to do more of them during the course of the day.

    The aerobic work-out can involve a variety of tasks and exercises, e.g. 'running' across the lovely mud of Fareham Creek at low tide.
  9. Re: MCD fitness.

    mmm, circuits - character building stuff. As were all the in and out of water "motivational" exercises....
  10. Re: MCD fitness.

    ahh great, actually kinda sounds exciting!

    My friend was thinknig about doing it, but hes joined the marines, and passed his PRMC, he told me to get to his same fitness level; would you say this is true?

    Doesn't sound as harsh as i thoguht it might of been, running 1.5 mile with squad then runin back on ur own in set time limit then swimming etc.

    Im currently doing 3 mile runs everyday my best time is just under 24 mins , i only been training for 3 weeks but ive seen improvement, would you say im on good steed?

    Thanks again for them awesome responses guys!
    Thanks! :thumright:
  11. Re: MCD fitness.

    After recently being succesfull at PEDA, I can offer you some advice. Train your booty off before you go! A lot of the lads seriously underestimated the course and consiquently failed, or failed to even complete half the course.

    The basic bench marks are a mile and a half in under 10.15
    40 sit ups in 60 secs.
    8 underarm full lock out pull ups
    16 tricep dips.

    Dont aim for these minimum standards, just go for it.

    Next is a short tour of the base, very interesting indeed, ask loads of questions, the lads are more than happy to tell anything they can.

    The jumps are quite fun, albiet a bit shakey at start. the finning is one of the hardest things on the course, and the mini circuits of jumping, finning the width of the lake and running the perimeter back to the diving board 3 times is very tough indeed.

    the last task involves a 1km run in full kit, with a few cheeky pressups along the way, plus a 1km finning back to the end of the lake, very tough indeed but all good fun.

    In itself, the course is very demanding, but it shows you not only the basic fitness of diver training but a real insight into what a navy divers job is.

    Good luck mate.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: MCD fitness.

    Cheers Ric, good advice.
  13. Re: MCD fitness.

    When you run the perimeter of the lake? How far is it?
  14. Re: MCD fitness.

    Hey guys, i saw this vid on youtube for the MCD, it looks pretty good, gives you a great insight of whats going on!

    The jumping in the water then climbing back out looks fun! better work on them good olde triceps i think :p!

  15. Re: MCD fitness.

    that must get tiring the jumping in and out!

    Does anyone know if you can have you feet assisted when you do the sit ups? And if the press ups are close arms technique, is it like the marines where they join there thumbs and fingers and do the triangle shape or just shoulder width?
  16. Re: MCD fitness.

    Hey Deep sea.

    At the AFCO i got told that u can have ur feet assissted and the press ups are close arm shoulder width apart, making sure your elbows are tooked in.

    This really hits your triceps and upper chest along with your shoulders. Keep doing them! Oh and make sure you can do 8 full lock pull ups. Im practicing these at the gym now. But dont go for minimum try more :)!!

    Good luck matey!
  17. Re: MCD fitness.

    For the PEDA Dont worry about press ups, there not part of the Basic Diver Fitness Test, they do throw some in on the 1 hour endurance run at the end of the day but to be honest your so cunted by then they dont care if its tight arm, wide arm as long as you do somthing that resembles a press up.

    all the fitness tests are in one day, the first test is the Basic Diver Fitness Test Which is,

    Mile and a half in under 10:15 aim for sub 9:30, Fastest guy on my PEDA did it in 8:45 I came in at 9:02

    40 sit ups (min) feet held.

    8 under arm chin ups (min) (arms strait to chin over bar)

    16 Tricept dips (min) (Elbow at 90° to arms strait) I found this harder on the day as your face is being rubbed up and down the wall the bars come out of.

    Then you will have a tour of the Defence Dive School, chat with other lads in training, and chat to the bomb desposal team, ect, then have dinner

    Then you will go and put on a drysuit and grab a pair of fins and do circuits. "Awkward" is the word you will have learned by the end of the day!

    Circuits are jumpping off a 6 meter high diving board putting on your fins and finning 100 meters to the other side of the lake, then getting out and running about 400 meters back to the diving board as fast as you possibly can very hard with the dry suit on. this happens about 3 times flat out, non stop. to be honest the first time I jumped my arse hole was twiching like mad, but after a couple of times it becomes fun. 6 meters dont sound high untill your there.

    Then emediatly after that you do mini circuits which is jumping off the top diving board (6 meters) swimming to the jetty climbing out and back up the steps to the diving board. this happens about 4-5 times. flat out no rest, Very hard.

    Then emediatly after that you run down to the bottom of the lake about 1k from the classroom with suit on carrying fins, enter the water at the opposit end of the lake and fin 1k of lake back. Cramp is likely practice finning befor you go.

    After this you will have a small break probably 20-30 mins the PTI will have a chat about diet/training ect, and then you will do the Edurance test, Which is basicly a mile and a half sprint around the lake with pressups, step ups, sit ups and other painfull exercises all thrown in, no rest inbetween just flat out the whole way. with the PTI screaming blue murder. (Does not matter how fit you are, this hurts bad, this is mental fitness, how far can you go, if you stop or give up you fail)

    After this is over you will have a review of how well you did, 9 of us did the peda in all 3 failed, 6 passed including me!

    Long way to go yet though, start basic june 15th
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: MCD fitness.

    A good insight M1elson, welcome to the site & well done on passing PEDA.

    As you're probably well aware, you must continue to train at the same tempo in order to pass diving aptitude after phase one training.

    Good luck!
  19. Re: MCD fitness.

    I’m Training very hard for this, this is my average week of training, I work full time 7am till 4pm mon - fri

    Mon -
    At 19:00
    run 3 miles fast as possible to the gym, hit biceps and triceps for about 1h15min the run 3miles back home. get home normally by 21:00 :pukel:

    Tue -
    run 3 mile to the gym very slow taking approx 25mins I use this as a warm up, then I have running club which is 1 hour of intense sprinting, little recovery, sprinting, :pukel: this is organized through the gym. then i will hit back muscles for 30 mins, overarm chinups ect, then at 19:30 I have boxercise for 1 hour, (I do this because of the fit birds that take part) but still a good all body workout, then I will either get a lift home with one of the birds ive pulled doin boxercise or run at a medium pace (99 times in 100 I will run, Crap with women :oops: )

    Run 3mile to the gym fast as possible, hit chest for an hour, then run 3 miles back home. :pukel:

    Run 6 1/2 miles or 10k long way around to the gym, normally complete this in 40 - 45 mins, then hit abs and shoulders for an hour, then at 20:30 I have circuits which lasts an hour, very intense all muscle workout, no fit birds take part in this, so I can try my hardest and dont care if I look like a shitting dog. I will normally get a lift home with a mate after this, but sometimes mates dont turn up so occasionally run. (hard session) :pukel:

    Run 3 mile to the gym fast as my lankey legs will allow me. hit triceps and biceps again for an hour or so, then run my ass home again.

    Take my wetsuit and fins down to the beach and do a Finning session only takes about 40 mins, then I go to Sainsbury’s and munch out on the dirtiest fry-up imaginable.

    I’ve been doing this since September last year, even though I probably sound like a sad knob with no social life, you get use to it, and I still manage to go out get pissed, it also makes things easier having a keen mate who does all the gym work with me! He wont run tho cos hes a pussy!! :naka:
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: MCD fitness.

    :thumright: You appear to be developing the right frame of mind to become one of the elite band of Fleet Mirror Checkers (Divers).

    You just need to develop a little more unassailable confidence & neglect to even notice you never trap, it's of no consequence, there's too many mirrors to check anyway.

    BZ that chap!

    (A good phys diary too!)

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