PEDA 12th May

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by david-cain, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone on here is doing their peda on the 12th of may? if you are what are your 1½ mile times like and your average dips and sit ups?
    Also when should they send us the kit list and warrant for the train ect... and also can we drive down and use to warrant for petrol money??
  2. Served with a guy whose surname was Fyles - we called him Peda. He wasn't overly impressed. Err, am I helping?
  3. good stuff but naa not rly :wink: why was he called peda did he have bowell problems?
  4. put Peda before Fyles ....
  5. lol sorry had a blond moment :p but no not really helping:p
  6. david-cain check your pm
  7. nothing there try and send again? or send to my email i will pm it you thankas m8y
  8. quick question when should i be expecting my kit list ect its just over 3 weeks away now
  9. Call your careers advisor, as you should have your joining instructions by now.


  10. I'd be more worried about the PEDA than the warrant, good luck for the day though!
  11. thanks guys will be ringing the afco to chase them up on it, as it would be helpfull if i knew where i was going:p thanks again
  12. Let us know what happens, David.
  13. very close to finishing the dive course so hopefully i can help! Peda is a tough day but it gets worse on course! my best 1.5 mile time was 8:26 round horsea but anythin below 10:15 is acceptable but expect to get a lot of shit from the staff if your slow! aim for below 9:30. dips and pull ups were never a strong point for me but achieved 22 dips and 12 pull ups on last DPFT! minimum of 16 dips and 8 chin ups is acceptable! a gud bit of advise is aim more on CV than brute strenth, bulky lads may be gud at dips and press ups but generally swim and run like spako's!
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I always thought that PEDA was Len Fairclough. Would anyone like to help out an old c*** and tell me what it is (and a DPFT)?
  15. Pre Entry Divers Aquaint and Diver Physical fitness Test mate.
  16. Thanks for that M1elson, i can hit the dips and pull ups easly and use to swim for midlands so im good there. its just i have been training where i live for ages now on the 1½ and it is constantly 10:01 or 10:03 but it isn't flat strate running its up hill and round corners quite alot. last time i did it on the flat it was 9:26. thanks for help guys. will let you know how it goes
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

  18. I passed along with 9 others out of 12! the PEDA on the tuesday had only 4 pass out of 12 and only 5 finished i think our course bonded really well and worked as a team. LEGS ARE FUCKED!!!!!!!!
  19. Well done!
  20. 1.5 mile -8.03
    Dips 75
    Press ups 98
    Pull ups 28

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