Peaches Geldofs camels toe.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Check this out....

    She may be as ugly as a dogs ringpiece but I particularly find this outfit endearing. The way the material accentuates her saloon bar doors (or piss flaps if you prefer) and the fact that you can actually see the neck of her cervix adds a certain charm to the effect. Failing career? Time to resort to the tried and trusted methods:

    a) Suck somebody off on the internet
    b) Adopt a mongtard beast
    c) Have a drug/alchohol related public breakdown
    d) Launch your own fashion range/perfume that is a load of old fcuking wank
    e) Contract a terminal illness and draw it out for max publicity
    f) Be publicly photographed with an outfit that actually makes you look like you've been hit between the legs with an axe

    PS: My naval career was going nowhere until I adopted all of the above. Just waiting on the AIDS to make me P7RD......
  2. More to the point, 'Who the hell is Pam Hogg' ? 8O

    Are we missing out on a major celebrity figure here that's just burst onto the scene ?....classy picture, bottles strewn all over the floor. :roll:
  3. I'd do it, purely to see her bogtrotting pretentious cnut of a father off. Fcuking tell me to give all my money to Africa, I was only nine the cnut. That's child abuse that is, he should be raped.

  4. By a rhinocerous, they've got massive c0cks. I saw a rhinos c0ck at the zoo once when I was a kid. It was fcuking impressive. It looked like one of those doner kebab rotating things in the kebab shops. That's what the sanctimonious cnut needs....raping by a rhinocerous. That would teach him to raise stupid, ugly, fcuking mongs.
  5. I've just seen a camel with a Peaches geldof toe 8O
  6. if she's anything like her mother she'll eat cum off a spoon
  7. Whilst I have never believed it appropriate to comment on a woman's shape, or how her face fits together, I do believe that fashion sense is fair game.

    Did she seriously look in the mirror in that outfit and think 'oo I look hot'? I am guessing not. Get a sytlist girl and do something with that make up, you look like the Bride of Frankenstein.
  8. The trouble is Rosy firstly you should look at the young things going clubbing on Friday or Saturday, yes young things do seem to think leaving nothing to the imagination is hot.
  9. Admittedly, a lot of the time it is :D :twisted:
  10. It is, I like nothing better than licking the exposed back of a bacardi breezer addled semi naked slag whilst stood at the bar down the Quayside on a saturday night.

    Problem is, the less they wear on the night the more clothes of yours they nick to do the walk of shame in the morning, therefore it's often best to just kill them and bury them under the patio.
  11. I saw a girl get out of a taxi last Sunday morning in massive jogging bottoms+a hoodie. An obvious walk of shame. The worse thing is she tripped over the bottoms when she got out of the taxi+fell flat on her face. Hope the guy was worth it!
  12. Pam Hogg's a girl? Bloody hell; I've seen more convincing kai Tais! As for young Geldoff (having a c**t for a dad must be extremely character challenging), is she competing for Miss Cyberman 2009? Are those her tits or is the crotch so tight that her ovaries have relocated?
  13. Haha :D
  14. That's not a camel toe - this is a camel toe:

  15. That's done it, I'm emigrating to Canada
  16. NMC

    Spot on!
  17. off to the bog
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Can I come too? The photo gets my memory working again. A pity I can't make my body do the same!
  19. Able Seaman "Peaches" Geldhof, modelling the latest
    line in pussers shorts.
    Note: The new shorts slice into the bomb-doors giving
    voyeurs just a hint of red under-crackers. As I recall,
    previously ill-fitting Pussers Shorts (One size fits f**k all),
    would allow the wearers ball-sack to dangle below the gusset
    like a couple of coconuts in pink socks.

    *Click my minge*

    p.s. I think the knot is a Round hitch and two half-turns.
  20. She only wears clothes like that to stop everyone looking at her dog mush.

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