"Peace Protesters" Cleared of all charges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Potential_Officer, May 22, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/gloucestershire/6681639.stm

    Does this mean that these two men either did not break in and plan to sabotage lives, or did break in, but are cleared of any wrong doing?
    Bearing in mind that if they had caused damage to a B-52, and it had managed to take off, and suffered implications in the air, it would have probably caused massive fatalities on the ground, as it would have been fully laden with fuel and explosives.

    If they want to make their "Peace Protest" can they please keep it peaceful, rather than putting lives at risk, or do they not see the irony in that?
  2. If this is British justice then something is sadly wrong. They admitted breaking in with the intent of damaging aircraft and also the runway. How can they possibly be not guilty?
  3. So I did read that right, they had been found not guilty, despite breaking in with intent to endanger lives?

    Brilliant precedent there, how long until someone breaks into Faslane with the intent to damage the Nuclear Detterent, if this is how they will be punished more are likely to try. And in the words of the IRA, they only have to be lucky once, we always have to be lucky.
  4. "This verdict sends out an important message." No it bloody do not, it send out a licence to commit mayhem.
  5. Pritchard said "It is a great relief and a huge vote of confidence for anti-war protesters." ..... too flaming right it is. We'll being fighting themm off all over the place now. As if we haven't got enough problems. :evil: :evil:

  6. ... and another thing (this one has got me boiling) when he comes out with statements like "The process has been far too drawn-out, but I am just pleased for my wife and daughter that this is over now. We were prepared for the worse". Just what in hell did he expect? A bloody medal?

    I agree with him when he says that "This verdict sends out an important message." Too right it does. It's open season because the courts have been taking their stupid pills. I only hope the Home Office decides to review the case and give the tosser what he really deserves.

  7. Surly if they were on a US Air Base it is Sovereign US Territory, why couldnt they be deported to Guantanamo ?
  8. Gentlemen you are suffering two miss-aprehensions;

    1. The English/Welsh Legal system has anything to do with justice.

    2. Juries will convict is the evidence is reasonable. No!!!! wrong, whatever the evidence, juries, 12 good persons and your peers, are very loathe to convict any person.


    PS If they have been found not guilty then what ever they did was legal and had no dishonest or criminal intent. May I suggest the MOD sue them in a County Court for damages.
  9. Pathetic and weak. Disgraceful.
  10. That would have been simply horrific. Some poor innocent civilians could have been sitting at home minding their own business and death and destruction could have rained down on them :roll: :roll: :roll: er...unintentionally that is :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Are you saying that is what the B-52 was going to do anyway? Come on do you honestly believe that the USAF would intentionally aim for civilian centres?

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