Peace campaigners to picket recruiters


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Article in the Herald here, quoting a report from the AFPRB, about shortfalls in recruitment and increases in PVR rates. Hardly new news, and the specific problems facing the RN of "a 35-50% deficit of middle-management petty officers in the next 10 years" really arise from the black left by the lean recruitment years of the early '90s. They do pick up on the fact that the forces "Increasingly, personnel feel they are being taken for granted and undervalued by the nation."

Of more interst is the piece tacked onto the end (as journalists are so want to do).

Meanwhile, campaigners against the war in Iraq yesterday said they would picket schools where the army was trying to recruit pupils.

Rose Gentle, from Pollok in Glasgow, whose 19-year-old son Gordon was killed in Iraq, said she and others were ready to protest to stop the army approaching under-18s.

MSPs Christine Grahame, of the SNP, Colin Fox of the SSP, and Chris Ballance of the Greens – yesterday prepared a letter for every high school in Scotland. They said schools allowing the Army to recruit on site would be asked to allow anti-war campaigners to visit in the interests of balance.

An Army spokeswoman said: "We are not doing anything wrong, and we are absolutely not recruiting children."

So, in the interest of balance, will the campaigners allow forces personnel to come along and talk at their meetings? Should we stop other employers going to schools then in the inetrests of a level playing field?

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