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PE teacher poses in Thong

And now to something more normal about a teacher in one of our excellent educational establishments.....

Sadly there is no link to the photographs. Sorry Lamri. :wink:

I think it's most unfair! When I was at school, in our short shorts we weren't allowed to wear thongs to save us from the shame of things popping on on the rugger pitch (opposite the girls school) :oops: :oops: :oops:


War Hero
I'm disgusted with the BBC, it is supposed to be a public service organisation. If it was it would have provided a link to the modelling website in question to allow us to judge those pictures for ourselves.

Disgruntled of Surrey


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Super Moderator
Don't think I'd trust my kids with that headmaster, something not right there, If they were to be interested in PE however!!! (Wonder if she does night classes :?: )


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Wish my PE teacher had looked like her when I was at school - hubba, hubba.

Thingy - I heard there was nothing to see on the odd occasion you 'popped' out. :) Also, if I remember correctly you could buy a Jockstrap to keep your bits in place? :oops:


War Hero
A letter from an un-named parent too huh? I wonder why they are hiding behind anonymity? Haven't finished wiping the spunk from their computer screen yet?

That Ben Slade looks like a pooftah to me. Wouldn't appreciate a chick like her anyway. Probably got some deep rooted jealously somewhere hence his idea that it has bought the school into disprepute.


All this is one of those nonesense stories that tabloids use to fill their column inches...


War Hero
Sanctimonious, prudish bullsh!t. The Head should have the backbone to ignore someone who hasn't got the slf assurance to complain openly.
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