Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bigtrousersnake, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. call me dumb if the answer is blindingly obvious, but i was wondering can we take a pda/notebook/laptop to basic training and trade training? not to use the internet, i know 1)i will have no time, and 2) the signal will probably be pretty sh*t. I was just wondering if they allow us to take something with a word processor to type up notes then print them out at a later date, notepad and pen gets a bit messy after a while.
  2. ok thank you, just thought i would check before i go and waste a couple of hundred
  3. I thought you could take things like that after basic training?
  4. You can in Phase 2 (trade training) but a definite no-no in Phase 1
  5. ok thank you, trade training is going to be when it is most useful, so i can keep all my notes together nice and neat, going for MA(SM), and can you use it in the classroom?
  6. Don't take the p1ss...NO
  7. Just take a DVD player as well so you can watch casualty.
  8. i wasn't fooling around, it was a serious question, but i got the answer i needed that they won't let it, so i guess notepad and pen it is for me then
  9. And a stereo.

    Edited to add safeguard, take one. Nothing worse than sitting around in silence in part 2, drinking and revising.
  10. The only thing you will require a laptop for is porn. Personally my preference was always for hard copies. Nothing like finding a discarded shit house shin pad behind the scupper pipe when going for a shit.
  11. ok, joke finished on your last post, i have realised how stupid i sounded, but i was asking a genuine question, not so i could just go on facebook or something whenever i wanted, but because i actually thought it would make the endless amount of notes i will take a lot easier to organise.
  12. why a laptop? i got 2 8 gig micro sd cards for my phone full of the stuff
  13. How big is the screen on your phone?

  14. big enough, nokia 5800, i watch films on it and stuff, being quite a bit younger than you i still got perfect eyesight you see? so i can watch stuff on smaller screens :)
  15. however unlike your phone you dont have to worry about cleaning spaff of your mag when your done -just tuck it in the overheads for the next guy
  16. I have epic eyesight. I have a bad case of Gunner Ear though.

    Seriously there is nothing like smashing one out over a **** splattered copy of 40 plus that has been marinading in an inch of piss on the deck of the aft heads on a stumpy 42.

    Just as you get to the vinegar strokes it is always fun to play '**** roullette' and skip to a random page, sometimes you get an ad for a gay chat line.


    Edited to add: bet you can't do that with your new fangled phone device can ya!
  17. Yeah, but have you seen the mess spunk makes of keyboard type interfaces? Enough said.
  18. Knock one out on-line at work then swap keyboards with whoever's not in that day
  19. haha this is funny, and no, my phone cannot do that, it also can't swim around in piss and still work fine, so i guess i will save it for times of hardship, when there isn't a copy of a magazine that has been used by many and just swimming around in a puddle of piss

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