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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bigbaddog, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Think he might work for mesh as well
  2. I used to like PC World until I was thinking of buying my (first) Mac. Both shop assistants rubbished Mac and tried to sell me a wholly unsuitable (ie non-idiot proof) PC instead. It might have offered the same spec for a third of the price, BUT....

    ....Once you've tried out a computer that doesn't flood your monitor with incomprehensible error messages or lock you out of your own computer permanently (so you have to reformat the hard disk and reinstall everything again.... yes I had to do this 3 times) simply because you have experimented with the operating system a few times :oops: there's no going back.

    PS: You can't play around with a Mac's op.sys unless you know what you're doing..... and I don't! :lol: Macs are AAC proof!!!
  3. So they offered you a better spec computer for a third of the price and this makes them bad ?


    Also, its the PC's fault that YOU fecked about with the OS to such an extent that it required formatting and this is the PC's fault?


    Seems to me that next time you buy a computer you should give Fisher Price a call mate ;)
  4. I am not known for my patience ans sometimes my temper gets the better of me but I was enraged to the point of violence in PC wold Guzz, their incompetence knows no bounds. I have to admit though, there was 1 bloke out of all of them who knew his stuff, not bad out of a staff of 30 ish.
  5. I got offered a job in Guzz PC world once by a salesman :)
    He was in full bullshit mode and got shot down because I had done some homework.

    Mate of mine took his (Advent) PC in to get it fixed under warranty. Picked it up a week later and the fault was still there but all his games had been played AND his phots had all been looked at (They were all in "My Recent Documents" so he knew). Bunch of tossers!
  6. I worked at PC World when I was at uni and I can honestly say they haven't got a clue about IT. Our business centre was ran by someone who had worked in a jam factory and Dixons before coming across the group.

    The staff discount was nice though.
  7. Yes , a lot of cowboys in the PC trade , usually the MS qualified are OK . The thing that concerns me is what they do with the ' guts '. Taking bits out and putting old parts in instead of new . Only way to go is DIY if possible . BTW is it possible to build a notebook as with a desk top . Just a thought .

  8. Not yet but it IS coming :)
  9. Not really, you can replace the chassis, RAM and HDD but that's it (from my experience)
  10. Cheers , just thought it may be easier to build your own notebook although the heating problem always concerns me . Good project for someone , A/C small enough for PCs and notebooks . Yes , with the NBs being so compact would think construction easier . No doubt it will happen .
  11. I was pissed off Lamri with them rubbishing a system I'd already discovered was AAC (ie tamper) proof. Before I bought a Mac I spent more time "experimenting" with the operating system than actually using the computer :oops: This is partly because my first computer was a Tandy Model I using the LDOS operating system which was actually far superior to the later NT, but required an expert knowledge of programming the operating system to perform certain tasks. I got to enjoy playing with the op.sys more than for the reason I bought the PC for: scientific calculation (astronomical ones to be precise) and word processing.

    Now with the Mac more work gets done! :) :biggrin:

    Computer engineers are under a legal obligation to report any illegal images they encounter when servicing computers. In fact it is a criminal offence for them not to report anything suspicious. If they saw a photo folder it was reasonable for them to check for any illegal content.

    As for playing the games, now that was unacceptable. They should have waived their fees as payment for using the software.

  12. Bleh [​IMG] Fisher Price I Say!!
  13. Steve, they looked at phots of his family mate!
    His PC had a duff Soundcard ffs! They had no right looking at his phots.
    This was about 11 years ago by the way, long before any laws allowing moronic so-called PC experts the right to snoop at all and sundry whilst pretending to fix a computer were introduced.
  14. Lamri,

    You say Fisher Price. Are they a good make then? Where can I buy and which model would you recommend? :thanks:

    PS: Are they available in bright colours with big keys?

    AAC :slow:
  15. Lo and behold and there's lots more under building your own notebook


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