PC madness!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by oberon, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. OK the world has gone mad! Time to leave I think!

  2. Link doesn't appear to work.
  3. O dear. Stop the ride i want to get off
  4. how stupid can you get
  5. Cheers Sara, no idea why my link don't work!
  6. I knew Santa was evil all along.Just goes to show.
  7. Its bloody Ho! Ho! Ho!
    NOT YO, Yo me Ho!
  8. It's reached the colonies then!
  9. It started in the ferkin colonies! The Septics might not identify with that description, but it's a fact!
  10. Kinnell sad or what .
  11. Strewth, can't New Labour be blamed over this one?
  12. So a country that speaks a respectable English has to change its vocabulary to accommodate a faction of another country that speaks a form of f**ked up English (or something that is supposed to pass for it)!

    If this spreads, weeding the garden is going to be a bugger.

  13. Ooh eerrr, just the ones to our South, we haven't entirely lost the plot yet, but it's hard putting spam filters on our border and it just continues to creep in..... ^_^;

    Felice Navidad Hombre's....yiyiyiyiyiyiiiiii caramba....**cough** practicing my Mehicano paplo...
  14. It didn't work because you had this bit: http:// written twice at the start of the link.

    http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and only needs to be there once.
    When you add a link this bit is already in the box where you add your link, you need to delete it first if you are pasting a link in.

    Here's the difference in your link and the one that works (run your mouse over them to see the difference):



    It seems to be a regular problem with adding links. Maybe that bit needs removing from the software default setting so you start off with a blank box.

    A bit geeky I know, but I hope it helps.
  15. If Ho! means a prozzy and frightens children it looks like the RN will be following suit shortly, so as not to frighten off the US Navy ;) with HALT! That will be a sad day. And what hope for Plymouth Hoe? :roll:
  16. All is not lost good people! When news of this bit of insanity got round all the prospective Santas, shopping centres and even normally left wing wanker do-gooders said it was a load of shite. The recruiting company has backed down, saying that this directive was, in fact, only a guideline and Santas were free to say Ho Ho Ho if they wish. :dwarf:
  17. 'umbug!!!

    Semper Strenuissima

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