PC gone mad.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MEO_Applicant, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8636455.stm

    The world has gone mad, it’s official. Now when South Park first came onto the scene I detested it, I saw it as nothing more than needless swearing and cheap laughs. However, in recent years the show has gone away from this and has developed into a great series with brilliant sub plots with the most deranged ways of projecting ideals, poking fun at everything and everyone. I realise what is being covered in these episodes is a very sensitive subject and we’re not supposed to talk about it. But by reacting in this way, people are simply playing into the hands of the writers of the show and emphasising their point. How can people justify publishing the addresses of people on the internet, warning them of deadly violence, over a cartoon?! I don’t expect any replies and I understand fully, just had to vent some anger.
  2. This is b*gger all to do with being PC but all to do with extreme religious beliefs. I agree it is wrong, but it is also stupid to provoke it when you know what the likely result may be.

    This is not wholy an Islamic problem though, just think of Northern Ireland where religion and politics get mixed up, or the US Christian fundamentalists who shot abortion clinic workers, or the weird religious sects that have indulged in mass suicides etc. All religions especially the monotheistic ones seem to have this capacity to incite the vulnerable in their community to acts of violence in the name of a loving God.
  3. I completely disagree with the OP.

    When South Park first came out, I loved it for it's anarchic ways and 'Devil-may-care' attitude. It's effective use of swearing to alienate those who wouldn't get the jokes anyway, combined with humour on several levels were the keystone of it's brilliance. However, in recent years the show has gone away from this and has developed into another run-of-the-mill show for the masses, with totally predictable sub plots with the most obvious ways of currying support from the pseudo-intelligentsia. This whole thing about death threats to me smacks of a publicity stunt - just have a look at the name of the person supposed to have given the warning. Are their viewing figures falling?
  4. When you have to resort to cartoons to get your points across....you are in desperate trouble
  5. I can't see how it can be described as 'PC'. Surely 'Political Correctness' is adapting (or distorting if you like) words or actions to appease differing groups or cultures and can invariably be pinned on recognised official authorities?

    This is some extremist religious bunch making threats, a completely different matter.
  6. Well, not looking good for me now, I seem to be a pseudo-intellectual.... bad times. Sorry if I didn't get my point across clearly. I described it as PC as the episode in question has since been censored with any mention of Muhammad being bleeped out, surely this counts as “adapting (or distorting if you like) words or actions to appease differing groups or culturesâ€.
  7. It's not distorting or adapting, it's bowing down to a bunch of ****** islamist.

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