Pc arrested over 'rape on duty'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ja5on, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. The link provides a complete non story of about 3 sentences where an un-named PC of an un-named constabulary, although it alludes to the Met, has been "accused" of an "alleged" rape at an unstated time (perhaps the 19th Sept) or place.

    You have posted a number of derogatory comments and links regarding the Police Force of late. I suggest you give your head a wobble as you won't find many allies here in that regard.

    You claim to have had a bad experience with the Police in the past, I've had a bad experience with Kwik Fit but I'm not trying to bring them down.

    Grow up.
  2. MLP, p'raps he is to the Police what Norman was to Senior Officers (and I bet he reads the Scum and watches Jeremy Kyle) :tard:
  3. I watch Jerremy Kyle you cheeky plum, I like to see how all you common people live in your squaller. 8O :D
    I had several nasty experiences with the Police, most of them when I was in the Police.
    Getting your monthly pay advice was the nastiest experience usually. :cry:

    Edited to say I was never raped on duty :roll: :wink:
  4. It is still an "alleged" rape. He has been convicted of nothing yet and as far as the law goes, is at this time, only guilty of being alone in a room with a woman.

    He may or may not be guilty but that is yet to be decided. The fact that young Ja5on seems to have a real issue with the Police is very Norman-esque.
  5. I do not know if you have ever attended (in an official capacity) any domestic dispute. You may know the story of the bloke who stops a bloke battering his wife, and gets bottled by the wife for his trouble.

    Domestic disturbances are to say the least very very volatile, and once you have stopped the initial incident, the victim can turn on you with accusations at the drop of a hat. Police policy is to suspend any office who is facing any allegation until the inquiry takes place.
    It is very much a case of justice being seen to be done.
    I would suggest that without knowing the facts, any opinion is pure conjecture, and the officer may well only be guilty of bad judgment, in allowing himself to be left alone .Many a person who might well have been getting a raw deal can turn against the "saviour" at the drop of a hat, and might make many an insubstantial accusation to further their own ends.

    IE wishing to gain goodwill from the other partner.
  6. Indeed it is still alleged, no one has suggested otherwise, it is still under investigation.

    The OP may well have issues about the plod, but even on this site he is perhaps not unique and certainly in the wider world many do have issues with the plod. All the OP did was post a link to a Beeb story, which I was able to substantiate from anothe r source.
  7. Yes I accept that and did not misconstrue your intentions.
    I posted only for the reason that I attended many an incident when I was a Police officer and found that the usual scenario was as soon as the attack/assault was terminated and the perpetrator removed, the victim usually retracted their statement.
    When it was pointed out that the Police could prosecute on their behalf without their consent, the mood usually changed.
    You was seen as the person that was "causing more trouble for them".

    The concept is that if they then create enough flak it takes their assailants focus off them ,as the instigator of the accused demise.
  8. Fair enough, however I bleieve the OP is looking for a Police baiting frenzy more than a debate on the actual story which has little substance to it at this stage.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bring it on, fucknuts!

    I'm sure my colleagues on other dedicated Police fora that I am a member of would relish the opportunity to enter into a debate about the issues you have with the Police Service... :evil:

    Try here or here... :roll:
  10. Rape:easy to allege,difficult to prove.

    Cry rape and let loose the dogs of media.
  11. MLP and RR
    The OP may well be looking for an arguement, and you have both leapt in to it at the deep end, have fun.

    I am sure that any one with a fertile imagination could think up 101 possible explanations for this reported incident, and they could still be wrong.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ja5on: Never has someone's profile signature been more true - perhaps you should practice what you preach...
  13. The woman who alledged this was drunk so the story suggests which in my mind discounts her credibility slightly as she is voluntarily impaired from the start. Doesn't mean it didn't happen who knows the truth but in my mind it doesn't help her case. On the flip side it would support the theory behind the officer taking advantage of the situation. Or maybe in her drunken state she decided to get back at her boyfriend by sleeping with another man and threw herself at the police officer he did the deed she regretted it and being a twisted twat she decided to report him for rape so she could get some compensation money. Just a few of my theorys so far on the little info provided.
  14. True it's hard sometimes to resist the pull but I shall try harder.
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ja5on: Are you personally involved in the case, either as a witness, victim or relative of them (or maybe the suspect, using this forum as a cry for help!), or part of the investigation? If so, then I seriously question your 'wisdom' [sic] in broadcasting your theories on what "allegedly" took place.

    If you are not involved in the incident, then I must also question why you feel it is relevant for discussion on a Royal Navy forum? Or have you already tried to get a bite elsewhere but the big nasty 'Boys in Blue' on the other sites told you go away before you "fell down some stairs"..?! :?
  16. All of that from a 7 line article, jeez you need to get out more and stop trying to think. You will be a pain in the mess with your gossip and rumour mongering :blah5:
  17. no I am just discussing the current news story I provided theories for and against admittedly speculation on my behalf as no one knows what the story is. Just to give a balanced view to what seems to be media trying to make a story out of nothing.

    Maybe I have misunderstood what this part of the forum is for?

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