Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Trooped_Again, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Hullo,

    Trying to stick some dosh into the coffers, but PayPal is going 404 (Page not found).

    Currently sat at my desk in deepest darkest Dubai, anyone know of geographical limitations?

    Or is it me?


  2. Hi

    I believe Paypal are changing the way they operate in Europe as they sent me an email several weeks ago. Unfortunately being at work I haven't got access to my private accounts and can't offer details at the moment. It may be worth connecting to their website to see if they are offering advice, etc.
  3. I've jusy tried to use my PP account and have been informed that it has been locked and all funds frozen. Luckily, there's nothing in it. The reason:

    Violation of International Sanctions.

    Anyone else ever had that one?
    Confused DE
  4. Nope, thats a new on me, havn't used it today (not sure I want to now!!), once fine late last night though. I assume your in UK? You can contact them via email with your problem (have used this facility in the past), the response was within 24 hours and got me sorted out, it was a personal answer too and not a computer generated thing!
  5. Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated, I'll fire off a maily to them and see what response I get.
  6. Be very careful with information you devulge to anything/one purporting to be from PayPal. I recently had a letter (e-mail) from a first class scam of their site. It was only because I have ever only once used them, that I knew I had not had dealings with the individual concerned. Very cleverly stated that if I thought this transaction was a fraud, go to the "Report a Fraud" page, that then asked for all my details, bank etc. All of this mind you on an exact replica of the PayPal website pages.
    Country boy? Yes! cabbage? No!
  7. Ebay are also heavily plugging these type of things at the moment.

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