Payday loans

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. They borrow from these sharks because their credit rating is so crap that no one else will loan them and dosh.
  2. And shock and horror some borrow out of desperation.
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  3. wal

    wal Badgeman

    I thought that this was going to be about hocking your watch on blank Thursday to get some ale and having to buy a pint when you paid back the tenner that you had borrowed.

    Can't remember the name of the pub near Excellent that did this but used it many a time.
  4. Air Balloon.
  5. Used to get a rubber off an 'oppo..........or, if out east...........Peanuts was good for a short term loan.....(cross reference to the Singas thread)..........'You wanna da fcukin' dry cleaning?'
  6. Then they get what they deserve...............Fcukall sympathy from this callsign.
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  7. I have used them a few times, i see absolutely no problem with them, provided the repayable amount is clearly displayed. As long as you can pay it back, who cares? It's not exactly amazing financial management to get to the point where you need it, but capitalism works off supply and demand fellas, you only become a numpty in my book if you don't pay it back.
  8. wal

    wal Badgeman

    That was on the round- a- bout. It was the one that was closer, Rummers.
  9. Rather tha pay day loan firms with their high interest rates, than people go to illegal money lenders, were violence is often the result if payments are late.
  10. Try again rat:- The Stanley.
  11. Wasn't asking you to sit and cry with me or start a religious revival meeting, but desperation is just that, desperation.
    If you've never been destitute or desperate for money for any reason then you cannot imagine that sort desperation.
    It's like when some cunt with both living parents sympathises with you at the loss of your mom or dad by saying "I know how you feel".
    If ever I had at anytime needed money to feed my kids or cloth them then I can imagine I might have been tempted if not actually do it.
    Who knows, I ain't psychic.
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  12. Notice all the payday loan ads appearing on this thread......don't miss a trick do they !

  13. Fair do's smeeg.
  14. I have experienced serious debt..............but there are other ways.............this way only makes the problem worse IMHO
  15. Money-Money-Money! (ABBA)

    Likewise. Even those in full time employment can go a bit banzai with the plastic. It takes time to dig yourself out of the hole - but it's achievable if you cut back to the bone almost. Getting a better grip on the old finances now and seeing as I may retire in a couple of years.....I NEED to be financially stable by then. Wherever there's the chance of making money - someone will go for it and target those who need it............personally I would rather go without than apply for a PayDay Loan, although I did borrow the odd fiver from Mess Funds when I was a JRO on the BLAKE.

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  16. Agree Billy idid the same a few years ago, binned all plastic and cut back
  17. The only reason why i think the payday loans are in the news recently is because an mp`s relative or friend got ripped off by one of these loan sharks oh sorry pay day loan companies and then that pished them off and vowed to do something about the pay day loan fiasco, If something like that had not happened i dont think the mp`s would have given a fcuk.
  18. PayDay loan in 15 minutes being advertised on here just as I logged on!!!!!
    (Top ofk the screen on me Samsung Tablet!)
  19. Sounds like Guzzler :)

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