PAYD during Basic training

Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by Genghis, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've had a root around on here and can only find info about Phase 2 PAYD.
    Can anyone provide information about if recruits are PAYD during our lovely 10 week stay at HMS Raleigh?
    I would like to know for budgeting reasons, I need to "adult" (sadface).

  2. Phase one isn't PAYD.
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  3. That is brilliant thanks, very much appreciated!
  4. Ph1 is about £146 deducted from each full months salary you are at raleigh.
  5. that's really helpful to know too! can you tell me what those payments are for please?
  6. I think you just have to pay for food and accommodation which is automatically deducted.

    They will encourage you to sign up for some RN specific charities whilst you're there; these will also be deducted from your pay if you choose to sign up to them.

    There is also a shop, cafe and a bar (which I think you can use freely from about week six?) but of course, if money is tight then you don't need to use these.

    Other than that it's just money for the endless amounts of polish, shower gel, food bags, lint rollers and dhoby dust you'll use :p
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  7. Basically get a 6 item breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner and a "4th meal" protein bar and milkshake. 7days a week the whole time you're there.
  8. Accommodation is only like £20 a month cause it's 30 man mess decks, if you go to Sultan it's free because it's not very good haha
  9. Sultan is my next stop after Torpoint, I'm going for ETME - I dont mind about bad accommodation, I've lived in a tent on dartmoor for 9 months! *dark times*
  10. You're quite correct; the accommodation at Sultan is so bad it's free. Has been for some time.
  11. I guess that depends on who you ask.
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  12. It wasn't that bad... the scran there however is.
  13. "winky fried eggs", when the white is still slimy around the yoke :(

    Whenever I see one I think of Traf Galley
  14. I don't eat onboard. The only meal I've had was the christmas dinnery here last year and that was because It came with a tin!

    I guess it depends what block you're in but the two I've had so far are pretty terrible!
  15. Christmas dinner in a tin!? posh innit? :p
  16. We had the 4man LET accomodation for our first week, the mess was fine but the communal areas were shocking with no lighting and all showers broken in one way or another,
    now we're in the 1929 block its slightly better but not great.

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