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I am looking at joining in October and have just been going through the pay scales. Am I right in thinking that you become an able rating at the end of Raleigh? Also, I know it depends upon service needs and also personal ability, but how long does it normally take to make leading hand?
If memory serves me correctly, there was a thread a couple of days ago in the NEWBIES section concerning the same topic. Have a look at that (not sure of the title), Ninja-Stoker gave roundabout sums of how much you'd be taking home etc.


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You become Able Rate after completing your phase one training, phase two training & any qualifying period (Task book training period) before you become Able Rate. This varies in timescale from branch to branch and also depends on the individual getting their task book (if applicable to your branch) completed ASAP.

Advancement to Leading Hand is anything from as little as three years to 24 years, there's so many variables. Average is probably, realistically around the 4 or 5 year mark if you apply yourself & depending on the branch.

Initial pay, roughly as below:


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