Ive had 3 payslip for Oct, Dec, and Jan. December payslip stated that the money SHOULD go into the bank on the 27th. The Bank statement show's NO payment at all for December.
I spoke to JPA - they told me it's my unit problem.

Why give us Payslips if they don't give us the pay.


Last I heard, the RN don't get payslips anymore, but we do (for now).
I have received 4. They arrived in the wrong order. Three of them match 3 of the 4 payments to date, 1 appears to be missing and the Jan one was an 'adjustment' for -£2.00 and nothing else!
The quality of information on them varies from the brief but uninteligible to something which actually seemed to make sense. Maybe it will all sort itself out given lots and lots and lots of time?


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buster said:
does anyone know if we are still to receive payslips? or will it all be e-pay.

Payslips are definently still out there for shippers!! The problem is with the RNR they have sent out payslips monthly for EVERYBODY even if they haven't done training. So you can get 3 blank payslips for Nov,Dec and Jan. I am still waiting for 10 days dating back to October. Not holding my breath. i have a 10 day waiting reply deadline for my enquiry. What a load of shit JPA is. :roll: