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Pay.....will it ever work?

How often has your pay been wrong?

  • once was my fault?(actually the PSI for not putting in the paper work)

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  • less than half a dozen?..but I have only just joined!

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Is there anyone else serving, that is getting mega threaders with this bloody pay situation? Don't know what others think but I have been in both the regs and the RMR. This has got to be the worst situation EVER!
The only difference is now the pay people have JPA a an excuse! So lets look at the problems.....
1) because we are reservists we dont need the money! Its a second wage!
2) it will get sorted out by next month!
3) all the details were sent to centurion/JPA! So its their feck up!
4) they can wait an extra month for their bounty! Even though the TA/RAF Aux get theirs in April! (how much interest do the RMR/RNR get?)
ETC ETC...sure that you can add your own points, but you get the drift. Its not as if we go to the units and ask for a £10k loan! All we want is our EARNED monies paid when we are due it!
Two middle aged women is my civvie job deal with 800 people, including travel exp. subs, courses, part timers and funny that in the time I have been there (8 years) not ONE complaint! So if you have a drip, then get it up the chain...dont let the units fob you off...

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