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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dannyc, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. im on xmas leave from raleigh at the moment and was wondering if we got sent a payslip through the post or not b4 we actually get paid on the 31st!grateful 4 any info
  2. It will be waiting for you when you get back.
  3. I passed out on the 19th and won't be going back to Raleigh like many others. Will our payslips get binned or forwarded to our next establishment?
  4. It'll find you, eventually. If you're at all curious about how much you're going to get paid/got paid then just log on to JPA. If you're on leave and can't get to a JPA terminal then wait for the surprise on payday.
  5. They will spend the next 6 months following you.

    A usefull bit of advice, everytime you leave or join a unit make sure you do your joining and leaving routine properly. It will help minimise issues like payslips and other documents getting lost in the MOD admin vortex!
  6. that answers my question then!cheers 4 that people
  7. What he said lol

    You will always have something following you about but they won't be sent to your home address whilst on leave.
  8. You can opt to have payslips sent to your home address. Can't see why you'd want to, but you can.
  9. Only in certain circumstances you can, but being home on leave, whether between drafts or not, isn't one of them.

    It won't be an issue soon as hard copies are being done away with.
  10. I remember when I was in Faslane, about '97, a LRO who had his sent to his home address in Dumbarton. This was of course pre-JPA when your payslips came from Centurion. If I remember rightly there was a form you filled out and passed back via the ships office/UPO. As I say though, this was pre-JPA so might not be possible now.

    You certainly couldn't just have the odd one sent home 'cause you were going to be on leave when they arrived. They went to his house all the time.
  11. Yes you're quite right. As with many things JPA, the personal touch has gone.
  12. By personal touch you mean getting access to your pay statements a week after pay day, having to spend hours trying to get help with CTM's etc 'cos the writers were always far too busy to help you, having to endure the wrath of the CPO(M) 'cos, heaven forbid, you've asked if you can take some sea goers leave (at least now you have a record of everytime he tells you to fcuk off). Yeah, really miss that personal touch pre-JPA.
  13. Of course, with JPA meaning that writers do next to sod all now (did they ever really do much?) does that mean they will go to the lower pay band then?

    NAH - thought not. (Bloody white mafia)
  14. Dont let my mrs hear you say that, she is a LLOG PERS (LWTR to all the old and bold).
    They are busier than ever fixing the problems that JPA seem to cause, like randomly stopping or starting allowances. The JPAC system is so bad, not being able to contact advisors and having to wait up to 10 days for an answer! Bring back the old system!!!!!
  15. When you receive your pay statement is clearly a mail issue. Griping about someone being 'too busy to help you' in a task which is outside their remit is hardly a valid drip.

    Your CPO(M) needing anger management training (or even management training by the sound of things) is irrelevant.

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