Pay Rise again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sloppylink, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. :evil:

    I have just heard that not only is gas going up by up to 22% but now council tax is to increase on average by 5%.

    How can the AFPRB and Govt justify the measly 3% (before tax) rise that has been recommended. Surely if the PM had any morals he would look at not just our pay but all Public workers pay before they start on the poverty line.
  2. And us pooor old service pensioners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not bad for an "inflation busting" pay rise. Trouble is that all the rises are inflation busting as well, and cancel out the rise. Heating and power charges are getting ridiculous, council tax has doubled under Labour, and we just seem to moan for a while, then dig deeper and keep paying. Not sure how we stop this, but it can't go on, surely?

  4. The "Public Workers" thing caught my eye........
    I've done a few fairly low paid jobs since I've been outside (thank f*** for me pension!) The latest job I have is as a "Prison Auxiliary" - a uniformed "under-officer" type of thing, in a Cat C prison, keeping Contractors and their tools separate from the cons and otherwise doing security patrols, vehicle escorts etc., 8 to 5 daily, Mon to Fri. Government job innit, I thought, Home Office etc....... I hadn't done the wage calculations when I applied, I made the mistake of just assuming the pay would be tolerable, especially in my very rural neck of the woods.

    Wrong! It turned out to be £5.11 per hour, a few pennies above the 'national minimum' wage - I'd have earned more at a local supermarket, wtih less personal risk and meeting (generally) nicer people.

    Still - I'm emigrating in the summer.....

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