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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Jerry81, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys just a quick one does anybody know about pay scales where to find them as had no real info. I know I'm starting on 20k and it says when you get to sg1b go up in pay. Does anybody know of time scales???
  2. According to the pic I've posted you'll get a yearly wage rise before promotion to sg1b and sg1a. I think the wage is a little higher now though.
  3. Thought the RFA allowance was being removed?
  4. I think it has for those starting on the new apprenticeship system during training mate, but for new recruits onto the old system and those already qualified it still stands.
  5. Yeah I'm due to start on the apprenticeship scheme in April. Shame I missed out but still a great opportunity. Cant wait to get started. All being well with all relevant checks.
  6. So does anybody know if the Rfa get any extra allowances for being on ship I presume when Royal Navy are on ship they get extra pay just curious if the fleet do
  7. Could you give some examples please, Darren?
  8. Thanks for that mate. What does 'ssep' mean?
  9. Certain tasks attract Significant Operational Tasking Allowance (SOTA), paid at £60/m if you are qualified for the task, half rate if doing it but not qualified. Standing Sea Emergency Party (SSEP) is one of the tasks that attracts SOTA, primarily in recognition that you get called out at inconvenient hours and aren't permitted any alcohol whilst at sea. SSEP are the first responders to an incident or emergency onboard.

    There is an allowance of £4.50/day payable if you are berthed in a non-RFA cabin against your wishes, though some cabins without natural light have been passed and do not attract the allowance, and it is often preferable to take a substandard EMF cabin in preference to some of the approved cabins!

    Station allowances are paid for Far East (anything east of Suez), North America and even Home Fleet (pennies per day to compensate for lack of duty free).

    Qualifications attracting an allowance include Ship's Cook certificate for supply officers, Aircraft Control for helicopter controllers and Higher Communications for CRs.

    The new pay structure - likely to be imposed later this year - does away with most allowances, including removing SOTA for everything except SSEP.
  10. Thanks for that. Another question for those in the know; are new recruits likely to stay in UK waters on their first sea trip?
  11. Good question I hope not!!! Hopefully my first trip will be the Caribbean
  12. Same here Jerry, South America would do me!
  13. As long as there are not too many marines on first ship! I need to put about a stone of muscle on so can compete with them in the gym ;)
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  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Treading (UK) water until the ship returns. It's the first major test of how commited cadets/apprentices/trainees etc are. upload_2015-1-14_17-32-3.png

    The worries you kids have.


    Who knew?

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  15. Training units traditionally embark on an old Fort for their first trip. As only Fort Austin is active at the moment, it is easy enough to guess where the next batch of trainees is headed. But don't count on it, other factors can easily trump tradition.
  16. I'm pretty sure I will find out soon enough from training staff etc
  17. When is Pay Day with RFA? Is it last working day of each month?
  18. Yes last working day of the month mate
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  19. Has anyone got any up to date info on Officer pay scales, or know (roughly) how they stack up next to the rest of the Merchant Navy and the RN?

    I can never find anything too reliable or up to date in my searches, am I being blind and missing something somewhere?

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