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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Navylark, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Armed Forces Pay Review Body - worth a look.

    4.25 Second, we are due to review X-Factor for our 2008 Report and note that X-Factor for Reserves had remained at 5 per cent since 1970 (GO MCM 10!!!). We were told on visits and in oral evidence that this no longer reflected the reality of Reserve service. Reserves could now reasonably expect to be deployed on operations, face far greater military discipline and encounter the same negative factors of Regular Service life including separation, turbulence, danger and physical injury (hmmm Helmand, Basra…concur with that) that could, specifically for Reserves, impact on civilian employment and result in loss of civilian earnings (would do if you are blinded).

    So we are to go into a War Zone and be paid less than our F/T colleagues. Ah ha…that makes sense now. We are cheaper to send to the front and I thought it was just a case of avoiding sending all those really important desk jockeys and disrupting harmony time. But there again, look at the benefits….

    To balance this, MOD acknowledged the positive elements of Reserve Service, including adventure training, travel and the opportunity to learn a specialist military trade that was highly “saleable†in the civilian sector. We look forward to MOD’s evidence for our X-Factor review covering all types of Reserve service.

    Perhaps someone should tell those gormless, lilly livered Civil Servants that 2 days at “It’s a knockout†is often the most an RNR sees of AT. I know, I know there are opportunities all year round, but not paid for after you‘ve had your two whole days!

    Travel – hmm…the glories of Fas or Pompey…haven’t all the flights been cancelled to anywhere else whether it be simple training or even ORT!!?? Short of the leadership and discipline what are all these “saleable†skills that civilian employers are crying out for? Can you see your local council requiring you to be in date for weapons handling? Maybe if you work in Social Services or Benefits perhaps?

    Most of those leaving the f/t Armed Forces in their mid thirties onwards with general skills are pretty much unemployable in today’s world. Employers know that!

    I know it’s not all about money, most of us do it because we think it’s worthwhile and we are “doing our bitâ€, however large or small. But if we are to continue we must be shown some respect, not berated, blamed and threatened with extinction for the recruiting problems or the consequent difficulties of mobilising enough people to fill the billets at the drop of a hat. This requires people throughout the whole command structure of the RNR to buy into this. Consistent investment in our specific training will lead to consistent performance and capability - that would be a start.

    Drip endeth
  2. Very interesting, I like the reference to the fact that Junior Rates are earning under the minimum wage, if they do not make bounty, but the government was shrewd enough to exempt the Armed Forces from the minimum wage provisions!
  3. At the minute i'd be happy to get any pay at all.

    I recon i'm owed over £1,000.00 just in pay. Not to mention the expenses that i have already paid out.
  4. Isn't it about time CMR started to take this issue seriously? Apologies to them if they are but we need some evidence of the action being taken. How can they wonder about recruitment and retention and thus mobilisation availability when this simple issue screams out for attention. It is a basic requirement of the deal and shouldn't simply be left to individuals spending hours on the phone (during the day job) chasing the JPAC who don't do anything. It doesn't help when the permanent staff in the units who used to do the chasing to the best of their ability are slowly and steadily disappearing!
  5. I hereby point you towards the RNR divisional system and invite you to make use of it for any issues you feel appropriate. I also point out for your education that if you are dissatisfied with the response from your immediate higher level in the divisional system, that you are entitled to request that the issue be taken to the next level up.

    The above is in no way an encouragement or discouragement to raise any issue, simply pointing out the standard method for welfare issues in the RNR.
  6. Erm.... it depends on your personal circumstances. My civvy pay is quite a bit more than my RNR rate so, if (when?) I get mobilised, I'll be paid about twice as much as my RN oppo as MoD will make my pay up under RFA 96. So, should I drip about the X-Factor or should he/she drip about the terms of RFA 96?
  7. The problem being matey, the system is AFU from the bottom of the ladder to the top, although i have a feeling that COMARES gets paid what he's owed on time!

    You can use the divisional system to complain however it is more than likely that the bloke you complain to is having the same issues!
  8. If the bloke you complain to cannot provide a satisfactory answer, you can request to take it to the next level. Someone will provide a satisfactory answer (i.e. fix the system or just give you your cash) before it gets to the head of the armed forces.
  9. Your pay is adjust to match the regs when mobilised, a few subtle allowances excepted.

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