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Discussion in 'UPO' started by DSMSMR, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone out there have access to old pay tables. I have looked through all of the AFPRB reports that I can find on the net but they start after pay 2000 and I need the table when we were paid all of one company ie: before pay banding came in.

    Along with probably about 90% of the RN I voiced my concerns at the time but only now that I am getting near to my termination date am I beginning to see how the sneaky bastards have shafted us.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ask the Ex Tiffs I am sure they will know as they were hardest hit. How I laughed when the signal was released the week I commenced terminal leave it was actually Feb 2001 it was released.
  3. All the ex-tiffs went in on higher pay band, it didn't bother me too much as if I recall correctly you added your daily rate of pay and your LSP pay together to determine what level you went in at, worked out at Level 6 for me. Havnig said that I'm wasn't a 'pure blood' CT!
  4. RabC

    If you don't mind you could probably help me enormously. What I need to know is what your rate of pay was when you went outside and what you pension was when you left. As far as I can recall when we got paid all of one company the pension worked out at about 33% of our wage.

    The AFPS 75 is based on a representative rate of pay which when we were all paid the same didn't matter. Unfortunately we all paid differently now and those of us who remain on AFPS 75 do not have our pensions calculated on our actual wage but on the representative rate of pay.

    My pension forecast at last check is £11,972 which is actually 28% of my pay. From what I can gather the current representative rate of pay for a CPO is that of a Lower Band Level 5 CPO. Therefore anyone who is paid a higher rate than this is being seen off. In my case by £1902 a year for the rest of my miserable. Thats not to mention £5700 gratuity.

    Of course none of this would be a problem if those in the higher pay bands had a massive pay rise at the time. However as we all remember it was the lower pay bands that were made to mark time thus reducing their wages and their pension.

    What I am trying to establish before taking this forward is when did the Representative Rate of Pay become a Lower band level 5 CPO? When this happened did pensions take an immediate drop?

    Chaz the bitter pill of pay 2000 may not have affected you at the time but rest assured shipmate that it will do for the rest of your days. Unless of course you had the foresight to transfer to the new pension scheme and have been seen off that way.

  5. I was on the understanding (from the time Pay 2000 came in) that every CPO who goes outside now goes out on the same pension, that of a lower band, level 4, I could of course be wrong? As for pension schemes when I had to make the choice in 2005 (I think) I was due outside in 2007 and so opted to stay on AFPS75, since then however I've got 2 x 5 years, 10 in total extra years, wish I'd have known I was going to get those years at the time! Hey Ho.

    As the AFPRB comes under the aegis of the Office of Manpower Economics, it might help you to make a Freedom of Information Act 2000 Request for the information which you are looking for.

    The telephone number and e-mail address for its FOI Officer are at the bottom of this page:

    Office of Manpower Economics - Freedom of Information

    Re online copies of the AFPRB reports, they are only available online for the last decade or so, but I know that each year hard copies have been deposited with the Library of the House of Commons, so copies of the reports from the 1990s would be there. Its librarians are not likely to help with your request, however.

    I would e-mail the FOI Officer at the OME tomorrow as I have suggested (Requests have to be put in writing, but e-mail is acceptable). If you need further guidance, you can phone him first.
    I am sorry I can not help you as I left after 17.5 years as a CPOWEA and had also been making additional contributions so my figures would not reflect those of a 22 year B13 (Can I call them that?)

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