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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by CMRWALES, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. I am traveling down to the Wrexham royal navy AFCO and am prepaired as i can be, ready and waiting to get into it.

    I was wodnering/needed to know.. in case i get asked about pay.

    i understand its 13,000 on entry then raising to 16,000 on completion of phase 2 or 26weeks.

    Is 16,000 the final wage i will be getting wen im fully qualified? or will i be getting 16-27k on completion of training and will i get classed as :leading rating:

    if so anyone have an idea what my pay will be?

    im going in as Engineering Technicians (Marine Engineering Submariners)
    and i understand about the 5,000 "golden hello"
    but im more interested on how much i will be getting, when im fully qualified and how much it will go up etc etc...

    i do not intended to join souly for the money, as well i have been offed better jobs for better pay, its the excitement and adventure i want to be involved in.

  2. An interesting post, which brings up the question, does an Engineering Technician have to write reports in English?
  3. I forgot how much I love you hig.
  4. How about you just answer my question.
    Then you can make up your own thread asking the question you want to know.

    This place seems to be full of sarcastic idiots.
  5. Norman? It really has to be, forum newbies usually take longer than an hour to become a total throbber.
  6. Yeah it's taken one member 19 weeks and 5 days.

    You won't be a leading rate, Welshy. A LH is equivalent to an army or marines corporal. Maybe the RAF as well.
  7. Why would you think that your prospective employer would ask you how much you would be paid? If anyone would ask that question, it would be the prospective employee (i.e. you).

    Regarding you being a Leading Hand, you will have a wait of some years before you acheive that as an ETMESM, thanks mainly to the revised de-enriched scheme of complement. Your £5K bonus will be after you have passed through my clutches, or those of some of my colleagues.

    Not yet it's not, but it looks like it's getting there.
  8. CMR

    Do you need this information for the section of the interview in which you are asked about your salary as you progress through the different stages of training?

    If so, one of the AFCO Recruiters on here is best placed to advise.
  9. Hi,

    Basically you are correct, initially you will be on about £13,500 pm (take home pay £770 pm). After 26 weeks you will get a raise to rough £16.300
    (roughly £950 pm). After that you will move up 1 level per year at approx £1000 per year. If and when you get yourself promoted to Leading hand you will move up to the Leading rate pay scale and advance again up the levels on a yearly basis. You will also get a rise from the government on or around the 1st April each year.

    As a submariner you will get you £5000 bonus plus your sub pay on completion of gaining your dolphins.

    Hope this helps


    :) :)
  10. £13,500 PA, right? I'd love to get £13,500 PM >_>

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